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425. Adam Flewelling
  Adam Flewelling b. 1761, d. 16DEC1816, aet. 55 years, buried at Oak Point, is traditionally said to have m. Annis Clarke (b. 1771 (or 1768), d. 31DEC1861, bur. Oak Point Anglican Cem., Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB), daughter of a pre-Loyalist settler (or a Rhode Island Loyalist), James Clarke and his wife, Florence. (James Hannay, Oak Point Church Yard, "The New Brunswick Magazine", Vol. 3, No. 4, October 1899, John A. Bowen, publisher, Saint John, NB, pp. 158-164, microfilm # 846 at the University of Victoria, Victoria, BC; says that Annis’ inscription gives her age at death as 93 years, while I read it in 1979 as 90 years. Wetmore repeats the age of 93 years from the headstone, but, in the 1861 census of Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB, her age is given as 90.)
  The 1851 census of Greenwich Parish gives Annis’ name as "Allis", and her age as 77 years. It also indicates that she was born in what was in 1851 the "States", and that she came to New Brunswick in OCT1783. This would suggest she was the daughter of a Loyalist. It also confuses the issue of her date-of-birth, as this makes her b. ca. 1774. However, this particular census entry has what appears to be several errors; not only the misspelling of her name, but the ages of her son and daughter, Robert and Margaret, who were living with her at the time.
  The 1861 census of Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB (page 4, household 134, National Archives reel C-1004) gives Ann Flewelling age 90 years (b. ca. 1771), she was Episcopalian, and her son, Robert (age 52), and daughter, Margaret (age 45) are with her. Also with her is her granddaughter, Jane Flewelling, age 19, which would be Surepta Jane Flewelling, daughter of her recently deceased son, James. There is an anecdotal tradition that after James died, some of his children went to Oak Point to live with their grandmother and uncle, Robert. This tends to confirm that tradition.
  Adam's wife was Annis, and the will of James Clark (made 25MAR1800, probated 28NOV1826) shows that he had a daughter, "Anna". (Suzanne Lisson, Clark GenForum # 15045, 5SEP2001:
"I am still seeking the family of James CLARK, Loyalist in the American Revolution from RI. He travelled with his wife Florence (or Frances?__?__) to New Brunswick, Canada in 1783. He would have been b. ca 1730 and m. ca 1759, prob. in RI. Children include John b. ca 1760; James b. ca 1762; Annis b. ca 1768 ; Michael b. ca 1772; poss. Elisha b. ca 1776; Samuel b. ca 1779; Robert b. ca 1783 and Mary. Has anyone seen a marriage ca 1759 with a James CLARK and Florence (or Frances?) that would fit? Does anyone have him in their file? He may have been a cordwainer (shoemaker)."
Suzanne P. Lisson has apparently based part of the following on Lorenzo Sabine‘s, Biographical Sketches of Loyalists. (The following is somewhat modified.)
James CLARK born 1736 in Newport, Rhode Island, US. Died 1826 in Oak Point, Greenwich Par., Kings Co., NB . Occupation Carpenter .
..."forty families embarked in five ships, and arrived in Boston on the 4th day of August, 1718". Also that the greater number of the families remained in Boston and neighbouring towns of MA. "But one vessel, freighted with sixteen families, continued on to Casco Bay in Maine" (the Governor of MA evidently sent them there to find land).The book tells of the settling of Londerry, NH, which is of importance to myself and may be to others. The names of the first 16 settlers were James McKeen, John Barnet, Archibald Clendenin, John Mitchell, James Sterett, James ANDERSON, Randal Alexander, James Gregg, James Clark, James Nesmith, Allen ANDERSON, Robert Wier, John Morrison, Samuel Allison, Thomas Steel and John Stuart.
He married Florence Circa 1766 in poss. Newport, RI. Died After 1826.
They had the following children:
James CLARK Jr
John CLARK; Born Circa 1770 in Newport, Rhode Island, US
Michael CLARK; Born Circa 1772 in Newport, Rhode Island, US  
Samuel CLARK
Robert CLARK; Born Circa 1783 in Newport, Rhode Island, US youngest son under 21 in 1800
  It might be significant that, in 1807 Thomas Flewelling of Oak Point and his sons, Adam, Caleb, Jacob and John; together with a James and John Flewelling (who would probably be sons of John Flewelling, Jr.); and others. Amongst these others were, Michael, Robert and Samuel Clarke; who would appear to be the sons of James Clarke, mentioned in his will. This suggests that the two families certainly knew each other. (RS108 Land Petitions Original Series: 1783-1918, index, PANB microfilm F-4171.)
  Suzanne P. Lisson pushes this theory one step further at a message (Flewelling GenForum # 375, 31OCT2001) which reads:
"I have a theory about Florence, James' CLARKE's wife. Although Florence's name is given in her husband's probate records as "Florence" there is circumstantial evidence that her full name may have been Elizabeth Florence PECKHAM d/o Isaac PECKHAM and Jane SISSON. Elizabeth PECKHAM m. James CLARKE in Newport, RI on 11 Sep 1755 (IGI). James CLARKE, s/o James and Florence named his son 'Isaac' who in turn named his son 'Isaac Peckham CLARKE' and his daughter 'Elizabeth Peckham CLARKE'. When using the IGI film # 184321 with a search on the children of James CLARKE and Elizabeth PECKHAM it comes up with John b. ca 1757 and James Jr. b. ca 1759. These dates and names correspond with the first two children of James and 'Florence'. This does not prove my theory unquestionably but it certainly is better than the progress I have been making on my own CLARKs (who are not related)."
  At the web site of, The Global Gazette, Online Family History Magazine, Vol. 4, No. 9, is an article posted May 12, 2000 by Brenda Dougall Merriman, CGRS, CGL, a noted professional genealogist whose work has been of assistance to Flewelling genealogy in the past. This article is called, Loyalists in Canada, and reads in part:
"The memorial of James Clarke in April 1786 residing at Saint John, New Brunswick, claimed the confiscation of his house & lot in Newport RI, loss of his (unspecified) business and two apprentices. (AO 13/21/107+) His claim was rejected which would lead the researcher to investigate the "decisions" volumes."
  The will of James Clarke of the Parish of Greenwich. Kings Co., New Brunswick made 25MAR1800, probated 28NOV1826, gives, in abstract:
Wife, Florence, leaves whole of household furniture, all movables, ? of (land?) and estate during her widowhood
Son, Michael, leaves him the farming tools
Sons, James, John, Michael, Samuel and Robert (the youngest, under 21 years of age in 1800), the remaining estates equally divided
Daughters, Mary and Anna £6 each
Witnesses: James Britton, Donald Urquhart
James’s Clarke’s date-of-birth is derived from an extract from the, City Gazette, of Saint John, New Brunswick, issue of 6SEP1820, which suggests a bit of a puzzle. This is found in, Vital Statistics From New Brunswick Newspapers: Volume 2, 1816-1823, Vital Statistics Committee of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society, Daniel F. Johnson, chair; NBGS, Fredericton, NB, 1982, 2nd ed. 1985, p. 47, #925:
d. Wednesday eve., James CLARKE, age 90, early settler.
This would mean James Clarke died on the evening of Wednesday, 30AUG1820. (6SEP1820 was a Wednesday, so the previous Wednesday is probably meant.) This suggests that Sabine had the age at death and the probate record (therefore estimating that James was b. ca. 1736), but not the death notice.
  An article, Provincial Chronology, in, "The New Brunswick Magazine", (Vol. 3, No. 2, p. 104, AUG1899, John A. Bowen, publisher, Saint John, NB) gives:
CLARK. - 1820. Mr. James Clark died in the 90th year of his age, he was one of the country’s earliest settlers and much respected by all who knew him.
This would seem to be a different James Clark(e) from the one in the will, as it seems unlikely that six years would have passed before probation of the will, although a birth-date of ca. 1730 is consistent with that given for Elizabeth Florence (Peckham) Clarke of 1735. The ‘earliest settler’ reference may have resulted in the assumption by early Flewelling genealogists that James Clarke was a pre-Loyalist; although the newspapers of the period often applied similar terms to Loyalists.
  While the James and Florence Clark whom Suzanne Lisson has identified as being from Rhode Island are very likely the same family with which the 1800 will of James Clarke deals, it is not clear if it has been confirmed that these are Annis’ parents. Annis, b. ca. 1771, would be a near contemporary of those sons not yet twenty-one years of age in 1800; as she was about 19 years old then herself. It is possible that where I identify the will as being that of Annis’ father, and where Allan H. Wetmore identifies Annis’ father as a pre-Loyalist, James Clarke, this has been taken as certainty. If Annis is the Ann in the will, it would seem that she was not married before 25MAR1800. Since Adam and Annis’ eldest son, James Flewelling, was baptized at St. George’s Chapel in Oak Point 8NOV1801, presumably they were married late in 1800, or early in 1801.
  Adam and Annis apparently share the same burial plot at Oak Point with Adam’s brother, Caleb, as their inscriptions are on sides of the same obelisk. The inscriptions for Adam and Annis read:
In Memory Of
Adam Flewelling
Died Dec., 1816
Aged 55 years
God is Love

In Memory Of
Wife of Adam Flewelling
31 Dec., 1861
Aged 93 years
God is Love
  The known children of Adam and Annis (Clarke) Flewelling were:
4251. MAHITABEL FLEWELLING b. ca. 1797, bur. Oak Point Anglican Cem. 21OCT1832 aet. 36 years, who can only be accounted for as a granddaughter of Thomas, therefore a daughter of Adam.
4252. JAMES FLEWELLING b ca. 1800 bpt. St. George‘s Chapel, Oak Point, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB 8NOV1801, d. ca. 1860, m. ANN "NANCY" J. TAPLEY (b. ca. 1822, m. 2nd 21AUG1866 (Queens County, New Brunswick Marriage Register, Book B, entry 2090, PANB microfilm F-1325) Elijah Hunt, both of Chipman Parish, Queens Co.)
4253. SARAH MARIA FLEWELLING m. Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB 2FEB1825 GEORGE CLARK
4254. MAPLET ELIZABETH FLEWELLING b. ca. 1802?, m. 10JAN1822 ANDREW HAMILTON (b. Ireland ca. 1796 of ca. 1788?, d. NB 1881; m. 2nd Grace Beckett)
4255. ROBERT ADAM FLEWELLING (twin) b. 1807 (ca. 1812 according to 1851 census, but this census has several anomalies) d. 14DEC1882 aet. 75 years, bur. Oak Point Anglican Cem., Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB, unm. He and his twin sister, Amary Ann Flewelling, are buried together, and their headstone reads: ??? A. Flewelling/ Died/ Dec. 14, 1882/ Aged 75 years/ Also his Twin Sister/ Ann /Died/ Jun., 25, 1837/ Aged 30 years/ They are gone but not forgotten. Living with his mother and sister, Margaret, in 1851, age 39.
  Robert is living alone in Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB in 1881 where he is 73 years old, English, a farmer and Church of England.
4256. AMARY ANN FLEWELLING (twin) b. 1807, d. 25JUN1837 aet. 30 years, bur. Oak Point Anglican Cem., Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB, unm.
4257. JOHN THOMAS FLEWELLING b. ca. 1812, d. ca. 1869/70, m. 17SEP1845 ELIZABETH JANE CAMERON (b. 8OCT1820), d/o William Cameron
4258. MARGARET FLORENCE FLEWELLING b. ca. 1816-9, d. 8(or 6)NOV1867 aet. 55 years, bur. Oak Point Anglican Cem., Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB, unm. Her headstone inscription is on the same obelisk as her parents and reads: In Memory Of/ Margaret F. Flewelling/ Died/ 8th Nov., 1867/ Aged 51 years/ God is Love. Her will was probated in 1868, in which she mentions children of her brother, James. Living with her mother and brother, Robert, in 1851, age 32.