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42L. Caleb Flewelling

  Caleb Flewelling lived and died in Oak Point, and is buried in the Anglican cemetery there. It is said that he first married MARY ELIZABETH GRIFFIN (b 4FEB1774) but there is nothing to substantiate this. Caleb was born 4FEB1773, and died 19APR1858 aet. 84 years in his obituary and on his headstone. He married 4FEB1797 MARY ("POLLY") BRITTAIN (b. 4MAY1775, d. 17MAR1860 aet. 84 years (sometimes read as 34 years) on her headstone, but age 85 in the burial records), probably the d/o William and Christianna (Moody) Brittain, although she is said to be d/o Col. James and Eleanor (Butler) Brittain. Probably the Mary Flewelling bur. 17MAR1860 in the Anglican Cem. at Oak Point, d. aet. 85 years. This suggests that she died several days before the date-of-death assigned to her, or that the date in the church records is the death date, rather than the burial date.
  Caleb was age 79 in the 1851 census of Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB, and Mary was age 76. Both were indicated as having arrived in New Brunswick in OCT1783. Living with them were their son, John, 44 and his wife, Ann 37, with their children: Sarah 3 and Albert 1. Also living with them, as an apprentice (apparently to Caleb’s son, John) was George Hamilton, age 15, Irish, arrived in NB JUN1850.
  Suzanne P. Lisson, at a web site, Brittain, at:
lists the family of Joseph Brittain (s/o William and Mary (Collins) Brittain), b. Middleton, Monmouth Co., NJ 24SEP1759, d. Westfield (or Greenwich) Parish, Kings Co., NB 26MAR1830, m. Elizabeth _____ (b. 1778, d. Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB 23APR1808, bur. St. Paul’s Anglican Ch., Oak Point, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB); amongst whose children she includes, Mary "Polly" Brittain. It is given that Mary was b. roughly about 1792, and that she m. John Smith.
  In addition, Suzanne lists Joseph Brittain’s brother, William Brittain b. Middleton, Monmouth Co., NJ 15OCT1754, d. Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB 30MAR1813, m. Christianna Moody (d. Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB 30MAR1813.) Suzanne mentions only one child, James Moody Brittain, b. 1779.
  While Suzanne P. Lisson is sufficiently knowledgeable about the Flewelling (and allied) families to note any connection to these Brittains, she indicates none. The information available is tentative, yet it seems far more likely that Caleb Flewelling’s wife was from this family, and even probably the d/o William and Christianna (Moody) Brittain.
  That Mary’s maiden name was Brittain is somewhat apocryphal, and needs confirmation. At a web site at:
part of a work called, William BRITTAIN & Mary COLLINS, by Cleadie B. Barnett, 8AUG1999, it is stated that Mary Brittain, daughter of Col. James and Eleanor (Butler) Brittain, m. Jacob Pidgeon. Those who know of Ms. Barnett’s work, and depth of knowledge of the genealogy of certain areas of New Brunswick will realize that her statement is tantamount to confirmation. On the other hand, the names of Caleb’s children do suggest some relationship (and it is this suggestion which may have given rise to the assumption), and the Brittains are connected to the Flewwellings by geography and marriage. For example Elizabeth Mary Hamm, d/o David and Sarah (Brittain) Hamm, m. Philip Nase [48213]. The Hamm family is also connected to the Flewwellings, and to the Thealls, who are related to the Oak Point Flewellings.
  Ms. Barnett does list children for William and Christianna (Moody) Brittain, including a Mary Brittain. There are no dates or spouse given, but a suggestion that she might have been born between 1779 and 1788. This Mary Brittain seems a bit closer to the wife of Caleb Flewelling. Ms. Barnett also points out that Col. James Brittain was a brother of Joseph and of William.
  The will of Caleb Flewelling (1850) was probated 1JUN1858; John Flewelling and George Flewelling, executors. Microfilm reel F-1400, Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.
This is the Last Will and Testament of Caleb Flewelling of the Parish of Greenwich in the County of Kings, Husbandman - I do hereby revok and annul all former Wills and testaments at any time heretofore by me made or executed and I do hereby nominate and appoint my Wife, Mary, and my Son John and also , my Son George or the Survivors of them to be my Executors in this behalf. My homestead farm upon which I now reside I give and bequeath to my Wife, Mary, during her natural life. The said farm being situate in the Parish of Greenwich in Kings County, butting & bounded as follows, fronting on the River Saint John bounded on the North by Charles Richard, in the South by the Widow Flewelling and on the North West by a marked birch tree standing near the South West end of the Lake commonly called the Round Lake and all my household Furniture, all cash, notes all my Stock, Farming utensils, the whole of said property Real and personal to be at the disposal of my said Wife, Mary, During her natural life and at the Death of my said Wife, Mary, the upland of said farm to be equally divided between my said two Sons, John and George, the said division to commence at the Highway and to follow a lane (butting?) upon the Southwest side of Mill Stream, and following said lane as it now is open in a Westerly course untill it gits to the senter or middle of said farm, that is halfway between the Lands of Charles Richards and the Widow Flewelling, thence Running a line purell with the side lines of said farm until it comes, to the Lake beforesaid, I also Will to my two Sons, John , and George, all my Marsh or Interval Lands lying in frunt of the before said uplands and frunting upon the River Saint John, lying between the Marsh of said Charles Richards and the Lands sold to Nathaniel B. Flewelling, to be divided equally between my Sons, John and George, in quantity and quality, and if the said last division cannot be agreed  upon by my said two Sons, John and George, that the said division shall be made by two of their neighbours mutaly agreed upon by my two Sons, John and George as aforesaid, and I also give and bequeath to my two sons, Thomas B. and Nathaniel B., five shillings Each, and I also give and bequeath to my Daughter, Ann Peters, five shillings. All that Block of Land in Rear of My. Son Nathaniel B. wich I have sold the proceeds of said Lands when Collected I give and bequeath to my six Daughters hereafter named, at and after the rate of three pounds per year for three Years to the said my Six Daughters, that is to say to my daughters E. Harriet Belyea, Eliza Olive, Charlott S. Belyea, Elizabeth Lyon, Jane S. Whelpley and Fanny S. Peatman. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this seventeenth day of January in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty.

signed, sealed and published in our presence
by the above named Caleb Flewelling, and
when we were both personally present at the
same time when such signature and public-
ation was made.

) Caleb Flewelling (LS)
Charles L. Richards
John Brittain

Registered the 1st day of June 1858 John C. Vail Registrar

  In addition to other records, his family is identified by a family bible which was taken by a granddaughter to Ontario, and which was transcribed by a descendant, Roy L. Renner.
  His children were:
42L1. THOMAS BRITTAIN FLEWELLING b. 28AUG1797, d. Mooretown, ONT 19DEC1877, m. 1st 3NOV1823 MARY LYONS (or LYON) (b. 11JUN1802, d. 30OCT1824, bur. Oak Point 6OCT1824 (?), aet. 22), d/o John and Sarah (Northrup) Lyons; m 2nd 22NOV1826 MATILDA HUGHSON (b. ca. 1804, d. post 1871), d/o Joshua and Sarah Hughson. Thomas B. moved to Burford Twp, Brant Co, ONT
42L2. ELEANOR HARRIET FLEWELLING b. 13MAR1799, m. 8JUL1818 HENRY BELYEA (b. 7MAR1791, d. 1875), s/o John and Susannah (Van Sniffen) Belyea. See: Descendants of John s/o Henry Belyea, at:
42L3. JAMES FLEWELLING b. 1OCT1800, bpt. St. George’s Chapel, Oak Point. Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB 8NOV1800, d. 10OCT1822, bur. 12OCT1822 aet. 21 (as "son of Caleb") Oak Point Anglican Cem., Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB, unm.
  Suzanne P. Lisson Rootsweb Flewelling message board, 15DEC2001:
"The last two editions of GENERATIONS magazine by the NBGS have given us a contribution by Gerald BELL entitled "Kingston Peninsula Anglican Burials 1816-1857". These are not tombstone extractions but the actual burial records from film # F1101 at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick. The following FLEWELLING family members are listed with their burial (not death) date. All have the FLEWELLING surname. Also listed is their age and their relative. All are from the Parish of Kingston, Kings Co., New Brunswick, Canada except the first one, James, of Greenwich Parish.

1821.10.12 James 21 s/o Caleb"

42L4. ELIZABETH FLEWELLING b. 8AUG1802, bpt. St, George’s Chapel, Oak Point. Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB 31OCT1802, d. 28DEC1862 (or 27DEC1861 aet. 59) aet. 60 years, bur. Plot 1, Row 3 Good Shepherd Cem., Manawagonish Road, Saint John Co., NB, m. 10JUL1822 JAMES OLIVE (b. Saint John Co., NB 17MAR1800, d. Saint John Co., NB 18APR1881; m. 2nd Mary Thomas), s/o William and Catherine (Beers, Schmidt) Olive
42L5. CHARLOTTE MARIE FLEWELLING b. 2SEP1804, m. 1st 15FEB1826 DAVID BELYEA, s/o Jacob and Ann (Johnston) Belyea; m. 2nd P. MacDONALD; m. 3rd _____ RICHARDSON
42L6. NATHANIEL BUTLER FLEWELLING b. 7APR1806, d. 10APR1866, m. 1st 25MAR1840 ANN HUGHSON, (possibly b. ca. 1814), possibly a d/o John and Abigail (Sharp) Hughson; m. 2nd MARTHA WHELPLEY
42L7. ELIZABETH BRITTAIN FLEWELLING b. 7APR1808, m. 6JAN1830 (bond 1829) DAVID ALANSON LYON (b 27JAN1808, d. 12DEC1873, bur. Hazen‘s Bluff, Kings Co., NB), s/o John and Sarah (Northrup) Lyon
42L8. JANE S. FLEWELLING b. 2FEB1810, m. JOHN WHELPLEY (b. ca. 1816)
42L9. FANNY SUSANNAH FLEWELLING b. 10APR1812, bpt. St, George’s Chapel, Oak Point. Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB 11OCT1812, d. ca. 1892 or after, m. 5JUN1833 HENRY PEATMAN (b. 17JUL1809), s/o Daniel and Ann (Gorham) Peatman
42LJ. SARAH ("SALLY ANN") ANN FLEWELLING b. 20DEC1813, bpt. St, George’s Chapel, Oak Point. Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB JUL1814, m. 18FEB1835 RICHARD YEAMANS PETERS (bpt. Hampstead, Queens Co., NB (or St. John's Anglican Church in Gagetown) 26JUN1811), s/o Marcus and Frances (Golding) Peters.
42LK. JOHN F. FLEWELLING b. 6DEC1816, d. 7OCT1880 (or 1878?) aet. 64 years, bur. Oak Point Anglican Cem., Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB, m. 20JAN1846 ELIZABETH ANN BULYEA (b. ca. 1818-20 (or ca. 1814, age 37 in 1851), d. 16NOV1893, aet. 75 years (or 73 years?), bur. Oak Point Anglican Cem., Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB), d/o Joseph Belyea. My notes from 1979 say that Elizabeth’s inscription gave her death as 1890; but census records give her age in 1881 as 62; in 1871 as 51; in 1861 as 42 and in 1851 as 37. These suggest she was b. ca. 1819, and that I may have misread a ‘3’ as a ‘0’.)
42LL. GEORGE FLEWELLING b. 4JUL1819, d. ca. 1879, m. 22NOV1843 MERCY BRUNDAGE (b. ca. 1820-5)