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  This page is called, "Zebulon Jones", because I like the name. Also, because the first article, "The Jones Family of New Brunswick; especially of Greenwich Parish, Kings County, New Brunwick", grew out of my search for Zebulon Jones and his family. This was because he married, as his second wife, a Flewelling; and I wanted to determine if they had any children, and who Zebulon's parents were. They didn't have any children, but I was able to put together a relatively extensive (if incomplete) compilation.
  The size of this compilation is far too large to include in my works on the Flewelling family; but it seemed to be a shame to let the work go to waste. This is particularly true as there seems to have been no real work done on the family; yet they have been in New Brunswick since the earliest days of English-American settlement, closely connected to early developers of the province and its commerce, to have had a significant part in Canadian History, and to have a multitude of descendants.
The Jones Family of New Brunswick; Especially of Greenwich Parish, Kings County, New Brunwick
Thomas A. Murray
  JOHN JONES b. Amesbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts 26MAY1754, d. Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB 9MAR1838 (s/o Samuel and Katherine (Waite/Weight) Jones, and brother of Zebulon Jones b. Amesbury, Essex Co., MA 22MAR1743/4), m. 17OCT1776 MERCY HILDRETH (b. Pelham, Hillsboro County, New Hampshire (or Dusket, MA) 23OCT1758, d. Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB 24APR1833), d/o Levi and Mary (Clements/Clemmons) Hildreth. (Described as pre-Loyalists.) John originally of Amesbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.
  The question of Mercy’s birth-place arises from the fact that her parents, originally of Dracut, Middlesex Co., MA, ended up in Pelham, Hillsborough Co., NH; but I feel that it is likely that she and John Jones were married in Massachusetts, and that she was born there. Her sister, Molly, for example, married Samuel Peabody in Boxford, Essex Co., MA 4MAR1773; and it is likely that Mercy was married roughly the same time. A source in which this might be checked is, "Boxford Vital Records", by James R. Taylor. For those wishing to examine the Hildreth family further, there is a Hildreth Family Association with a web site at:
  Some of the information on John and Mercy’s children is at the IGI, submitted by Greta M. Kervin of Moncton, NB. Although she supplies dates-of-birth, Zebulon Jones is not listed amongst their children. James F. Tindall, of San Antonio, Texas, however, mentions Zebulon as a child. Liz Jones (Hildreth Genforum, # 39, 20NOV1998) mentions notes which have been passed down in the family.
  John Jones came to Saint John ca. 1775 as a craftsman building ships for Hazen, Simonds and White. Apparently it was here he met Mercy Hildreth, who was staying with her sister and brother-in-law, Molly (Hildreth) and Samuel Peabody.
  Samuel Peabody appears to have skippered a supply ship for Hazen, Simonds and White, and to have had a brother?, Francis Peabody, Jr., active on the Miramichi. The father (the information is somewhat garbled) seems to have been a Capt. Francis Peabody, active in the siege of Quebec in the Seven Years War, and a leading figure in the early settlement of Maugerville. Samuel seems to have been of some consequence, appearing as ‘Samuel Peabody, Esq.’ in the Studholme Report of 1783. Samuel had claimed rights to land in Gagetown and Conway, and in the latter case, said he had been there for about 13 years (since ca. 1770.) The Rev. W. O. Raymond wrote:
The policy of the governor and council of Nova Scotia at this time was to procure English settlers for the lands from which the Acadians had been banished. Accordingly proclamations were circulated throughout the more populous centres of New England offering considerable inducements to those who would settle upon the vacant lands. The St. John river was mentioned amongst the eligible locations. In consequence of the inducements held out, a number of the officers and soldiers of the New England corps, who had served with credit against the French in the late war, agreed to form a settlement on the river St. John. For this purpose Captain Francis Peabody went to Halifax and obtained an order for laying out a township on any part of the river St. John. This township was surveyed in the year 1762 , and included the present parishes of Maugerville and Sheffield in the County of Sunbury.
Capt. Francis Peabody was a native of Boxford, Massachusetts. [The original column, as published, stated Francis Peabody was a native of Rowley, but Rev. Raymond corrected his 'Scrapbook' copy.] He served with distinction in the old French war and his name receives honorable mention in Parkman's "Wolfe and Montcalm" (Vol i. p. 428). His three daughters married respectively James White, James Simonds and Jonathan Leavitt the pioneer settlers at the city of St. John. One of his sons Samuel was a magistrate for the County of Sunbury and a man much respected in the community. He was a land surveyor and farmer. Another son Francis Peabody went to Miramichi where he became a prosperous merchant. Two other sons Stephen and Oliver survived their father who died in 1773. The will of Capt. Francis Peabody is a quaint old document showing that he possessed considerable property for those days. In it he makes special provision for all the members of his family leaving his sword to his eldest son Samuel. The youngest son Oliver was the ancestor of the Peabodys of Woodstock.
A transcript of this article, The English on the River St. John, is at:
 When, at Maugerville, 24MAY1776, a committee was formed which resulted in a resolution (signed by 165 persons) to join the Massachusetts Patriots, nine persons refused to sign; apparently: William Hazen, Thomas Jenkins, James Simonds, Samuel Peabody, John Bradley, James White, William Mackeenell, Zebedee Ring, Peter Smith, Gervas Lay (Say?), Lewis Mitchell, ___ Darling, John Crabtree, John Hendrick, Zebalon Estey, John Tarlee, Joseph Howland, Thomas Jones and Benjamin Atherton. I cannot help but wonder if the Thomas Jones mentioned was not, considering the company, John Jones. There was, however, a Thomas Jones in post 1783 Maugerville who had been taken prisoner by the Patriots during the Revolution, carried to Boston, and later escaped to what would be New Brunswick.
  In JUL1777, John Jones and his brother-in-law (married to his wife’s sister, Molly), Samuel Peabody, guided British troops up the River Saint John to thwart Col. Allen’s raid. Allen had set an ambush, and Jones and Peabody knew where the Patriots were waiting.
  The family of Levi and Mary Hildreth is described at a genealogical web site by Jerry and Diana Wolf (2002) at:
part of, "The Family Tree of Jerry and Diana Wolf", beginning at:
  There were a number of petitions in early Kings Co. (1785-1860) with the name, John Jones. It is difficult to say which John Jones (or even if they were a member of this family) was involved. Some of significance are:
1796, inhabitants of Greenwich: Simon Flaglor, John Jones, Jacob Pigeon and Thomas  Richards.
1813, John, Samuel, Moses Jones and James Secord and Thomas Connor.
1. SAMUEL JONES b. 27JUL1777, d. 12NOV1855
2. MARY JONES b. 27SEP1778, d. 11MAR 1849 or 9MAY1819
3. STEPHEN JONES b. 14JUL1780, d. Mount Vernon, Brant Co., ONT 28JAN1857, m. CATHERINE CONNOR
4. JOHN JONES b. 9JUN1782, m. Gagetown, NB 6NOV1803 ELEANOR JONES.
  This would appear to be the John Jones b. ca. NB 1782 in Greenwich Parish in 1851, a widower, living with a widow, ‘Elenor’ Jones, b. ‘States’ ca. 1773. If they are, in fact, husband and wife, the designation ‘Wid’ is puzzling.
5. MERCY JONES b. 27APR1784, d. 7JUL1868, m. THOMAS CONNOR (b. ca. 1784/5, d. 3JUL1859; m. (?) 1st 18JAN1840 Charlotte Mary McKenzie (b. 4JAN1823), d/o John and Mary (Northrup) McKenzie), s/o Peter and Mary Connor. (This first marriage seem unlikely as it seems rather late. It seems more likely that the Thomas Connor who m. Charlotte Mary McKenzie was a s/o Thomas and Mercy; or, perhaps, a nephew. John McKenzie, Mary‘s father was b. 20APR1785 and d. 17SEP1859; and was a contemporary of Mercy Jones.) Thomas (b. ca. 1785) and Mercy (b. ca. 1785) ‘Conner’ are in Greenwich Parish in 1851. With them is apparently their son, Zebulon Connor (26), Zebulon‘s wife, Mary (21), and Zebulon and Mary’s daughter, Adelia (1.)
  Another daughter of Thomas and Mercy (Jones) Connor might be Ann Connor of Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB who m. 24FEB1829 Joseph Palmer, of Hampstead Parish, Queens Co., NB. Even though 1829 is the date of their marriage in the Greenwich-Westfield Parishes Anglican records, a marriage bond was issued 1832, and co-signed by Daniel Jones of Saint John Co., and Samuel Jones of Kings Co. Assuming that Ann was the d/o Thomas and Mercy, it was probably he who cosigned the marriage bond of Samuel Jones and Elizabeth Adams in 1832. Another co-signer of this bond was Walter Reid. All were of Kings Co.
  Another son might be John Conner b. ca. 1818, with a wife Mary (b. ca. 1824), and daughter, Eliza (b. ca. 1843), in Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB in 1851. This might be the John Connor who d. 17SEP1874 age 60 years, and is buried in Mount Hope Cem., Welsford Parish, Kings Co., NB.
  Another son may be the Rev. Thomas Connor (Connors?), whose death was noted in the, "Press", newspaper of Woodstock, Carleton Co., NB, and reproduced at the Carleton County GenWeb site at:
Press Newspaper July 9, 1900
A service in memory of the late Rev. Thomas Connors will be held in the Free Baptist church next Sunday evening at 7 o'clock. Mr. Connors was in his 84th year and for several years had been too feeble for active service. His death on the evening of Thursday June 28th was not unlooked for by his friends. He had been in the ministry upwards of forty years. His third wife, a daughter of Rev. Thomas Vanwart survives him. He leaves one son, Frank R. Connor who is in the St. John Customs House and two daughters. Mr. Zebulon Connor is a brother and E. J. Clarke a nephew.
Thomas Conner, in 1881 in Wakefield Parish, Carleton Co., NB, was b. ca. 1820. His wife at the time was Martha A. (b. ca. 1837, French.) Their daughter was Annie May, b. ca. 1874. Thomas Connors was in Wakefield Parish, Carleton Co., NB in 1891, age 74 (b. ca. 1817), a Free Christian Baptist clergyman. His wife was Mary (b. ca. 1854), and his daughters were Annie (b. ca. 1874) and Edna (b. ca. 1887.)
  At a similar site, referring to an entry in, "The Carleton Sentinel", is:
Carleton Sentinel Newspaper July 16, 1898
Mr. Zebulon Connor has some rose bushes in profuse bloom ___light red___the original roots of which were brought to New Brunswick, by his grand parents, before the advent of the Loyalists. The blossoms are very pretty and well formed while the mass of flowers is remarkable.
Since Mercy’s parents were in NB before 1783, the roses must have been brought by Peter and Mary Connor.
51. MERCY CONNOR b. 31JAN1817 (31JUL1813, elsewhere; 31JAN1817 in 1901 census, which, considering the 1851 and 1881 census seems more likely, and 31JAN1817 on headstone), d. 21JUN1906, bur. Mount Hope Cem., Welsford Parish, Kings Co., NB, m. 18JAN1837 DAVID McKENZIE (b. 19FEB1813, d. 5MAR1897, bur. Mount Hope Cem., Welsford Parish, Kings Co., NB), s/o John and Mary (Northrup) McKenzie. David (b. ca. 1814) and Mercy (b. ca. 1817) McKenzie were in Westfield Parish, Kings Co., NB in 1851, with children: Malcolm (b. ca. 1837), Zebulon (b. ca. 1839), Eliza Ann (b. ca. 1840), David W. (b. ca. 1843), Mercy C. (b. ca. 1845), Catherine C. (b. ca. 1847) and John T. (b. ca. 1849.)
  In 1881, in Westfield Parish, Kings Co., NB, David (b. ca. 1813) and Mercy (b. ca. 1817) McKenzie are living with what appears to be their son, George (ca. 1855) and George’s wife, ‘Febe’ (ca. 1859. The family were Scottish, farmers, b. NB and Baptist.
  In 1901, Mercy was living with her son, Moses O. McKenzie (b. 18MAY1852), in Westfield Parish, Kings Co., NB.
511. MALCOLM McKENZIE b. 20DEC1837, d. 1920, bur. Mount Hope Cem., Welsford Parish, Kings Co., NB, m. Westfield Parish, Kings Co., NB 13NOV1860 MARGARET PARKS NASE (b. 24MAY1839 (1838, ca. 1839 in Westfield Parish, Kings Co., NB in 1851), bpt. Kings Co., NB 18MAR1840, d. 1916, bur. Mount Hope Cem., Welsford Parish, Kings Co., NB), d/o Capt. Philip and Margaret (Parks) Nase, of Westfield Parish, Kings Co., NB in 1851.
  From baptisms (when Malcolm and Margaret lived in Petersville Parish, Queens Co., NB), and headstones, some of their children were:
1. FRANCES AMELIA McKENZIE b. 31DEC1860, bpt. Kings Co., NB 10AUG1862
2. MAGGIE THERESA McKENZIE b. 12MAR1863, bpt. Kings Co., NB 28JUN1863, d. 9MAR1897, bur. Mount Hope Cem., Welsford Parish, Kings Co., NB
3. PHILIP EDWARD McKENZIE b. 13MAR1865, bpt. Kings Co., NB 17SEP1865
4. JENNIE E. McKENZIE b. ca. SEP1870, d. 8NOV1876 age 6 years and 2 months, bur. Mount Hope Cem., Welsford Parish, Kings Co., NB
5. EDITH B. L. McKENZIE b. 1876, d. 1909, bur. Mount Hope Cem., Welsford Parish, Kings Co., NB
512. ZEBULON McKENZIE b. Westfield Parish, Kings Co., NB 20AUG1839, d. Galveston, Texas 2FEB1889
513. ELIZA ANN McKENZIE b. 7JUN1841, d. 28DEC1880
514. DAVID WILLIAM McKENZIE b. 1MAY1843, d. 1929, bur. Mount Hope Cem., Welsford Parish, Kings Co., NB, m. 1st ANNIE E. ____ (b. ca. 1847, d. 7AUG1897, bur. Mount Hope Cem., Welsford Parish, Kings Co., NB); m. 2nd 23MAY1901 AMELIA DEBORAH WALLACE (b. Patterson Settlement, Sunbury Co., NB 10JAN1874, d. Patterson Settlement, Sunbury Co., NB 1961 (on headstone, 17AUG1923 elsewhere), bur. Mount Hope Cem., Welsford Parish, Kings Co., NB), d/o William David and Hannah Amelia (Flewelling) Wallace.
515. MERCY CONNER McKENZIE b. 7JUL1845. d. 6FEB1929
516. CATHERINE CLARK McKENZIE b. 6DEC1847 (6DEC1845 in 1901), d. 15APR1911
517. JOHN THOMAS McKENZIE b. 20JAN1850, 29SEP1882
518. MOSES OLIVER McKENZIE b. 18MAY1851 (18MAY1852 in 1901, 1851 on headstone), d. Kings Co., NB 31DEC1932, bur. Mount Hope Cem., Welsford Parish, Kings Co., NB, m. 1877 ANNIE KERR (b. Queens Co., NB 13FEB1851 (13FEB1852 in 1901, 1851 on headstone, d. 22JUL1912 age 61 years, bur. Mount Hope Cem., Welsford Parish, Kings Co., NB.) When their marriage bond was issued, Moses was of Queens Co., as was Annie; and the co-signer, Moses McKenzie, was of Kings Co.
  A Moses Oliver McKenzie also m. Woodstock, Carleton Co., NB 10NOV1920 Alice A. Estabrooks. This seems to have been a second marriage; unless he had a son by the same name.
  In 1881, Moses ‘McKinzie’ was a farmer in Westfield Parish, Kings co., NB, age 28, Scottish, b. NB and Baptist. Anna was also age 28, Scottish, b. NB and Baptist. Children were: Merritt (3), Ethel (2) and Emma (b. JAN1881.)
  In 1901, again in Westfield Parish, Moses O. McKenzie was b. 18MAY1852, Annie was b. 3FEB1852; and children were: Merritt (28FEB1878), Ethel (20JUN1889 but age 21), Georgie M. (10NOV1882), Katie G. (10JAN1885), D. W. Roy (17APR1887), J. Otto (15MAR1890), Fred (30MAR1893) and Frank C. (4SEP1895.) With him was his mother, ‘Mercie’ (31JAN1817), and sister, Catherine, (6DEC1845.)
  Children from birth records were:
Lizzie Maud McKenzie b. Nerepis, Kings Co., NB 28JAN1881
Katie Gertrude McKenzie b. Nerepis, Kings Co., NB 10JAN1885
David Walter Roy McKenzie b. Nerepis, Kings Co., NB 17APR1887
James Otto McKenzie b. Nerepis, Kings Co., NB 15MAR1890
Frank Connor McKenzie b. Nerepis, Kings Co., NB 4SEP1895
519. GEORGE FREDERICK McKENZIE b. 3MAR1855, d. 25JUL1930, m. PHOEBE _____ (b. ca. 1859)
51J. MARY ALICE McKENZIE b. 5AUG1859, d. 9JAN1877
52. ZEBULON CONNOR b. 29SEP1824 (1824 on headstone), d. 1908, bur. Methodist Cem., Woodstock, Carleton Co., NB, m. 1FEB1848 MARY ANN WORDEN (b. 23APR1829 (1829 on headstone), d. 1909, bur. Methodist Cem., Woodstock, Carleton Co., NB), d/o Gabriel and Jane (Van Wart) Worden.
  With a daughter, Amelia Connor (b. ca. 1850) and his parents in 1851 in Greenwich Parish.
  In 1881, in Woodstock, Carleton Co., NB as Zebulon ‘Cormer’ age 52, English, b. NB, a clerk and Free Will Baptist. Mary Ann was age 49, and their daughter, Gertrude W., was age 12.
  In Woodstock, Carleton Co., NB in 1901, Zebulon Connor was b. 29SEP1824, and his wife, ‘Marry’ was b. 23APR1829. ‘Next door’ was John Lee (b. 10APR1869), and his wife ‘Gertrud?’ (b. 3AUG1869.)
  Zebulon was apparently a Justice of the Peace in Kings Co., NB in 1871.
  According to, The Diary of James Alexander Machum: 1848, at:
by David McKinney; Mr. Zebulon Connor m. 8FEB1848 a daughter of Gabriel Worden of Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB.
  Others buried with, and probably connect, to Zebulon and Mary are:
Wilfred I. Connor 1856-1885, with a wife, Helen
Gertrude W. Lee 1868-1936, m. John H. Lee (1860-1944.)
521. AMELIA CONNOR b. ca. 1850
522. GERTRUDE WINIFRED CONNOR b. 3AUG1869 (1868 on headstone), d. 23APR1936, bur. Methodist Cem., Woodstock, Carleton Co., NB, m. JOHN H. LEE (b. 10APR1869 (1860? on headstone), d. Carleton Co., NB 16AUG1944, bur. Methodist Cem., Woodstock, Carleton Co., NB)
6. ZEBULON JONES b. ca. 1786, d. Kings Co., NB 15FEB1861, m. 1st JERUSHA PETERS (b. ca. 1790, d. Kings Co., NB 25SEP1853) d/o William and Amy (Sutton) Peters; m. 2nd 2OCT1854 ELIZABETH (‘LIZA’) FLEWELLING (b. ca. 1805, d. 1883), d/o Enos and Margaret (Jewell) Flewelling.
  In the 1851 census of Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB, Zebulon was age 65, a farmer and b. NB. His wife, at the time was Jerusha, age 61, and his son, also Zebulon, was age 18.
  Petitioned for land in Kings Co. in 1814 with Daniel, Gabriel, Josiah and Samuel Fowler; James Samuel and William Peters; Philip Scribner and Richard Walker. In 1818 and 1823, alone. In 1825, alone, and with what appears to be the Wardens and Vestrymen of the Anglican Church in Greenwich Parish; including Thomas Richards and Thomas Flewelling, Jr. Again in 1828, with, amongst others, Thomas, Jr. and Caleb Flewelling; again on behalf of the Anglican Church. In 1830, alone.
  Granted 400 acres in 1MAY1823, forfeited 16DEC1824; apparently an Anglican Church grant.
  The children listed below are based on the website, Peters Family Histories in Canada and the U.S. (1600's to the present), by Kathleen A. Peters, 21NOV2004, at:
especially that portion on Jerusha (Peters) Jones at:
This site has a note:
A land deed dated 26 March 1845 names Zebulon Jones of Greenwich, farmer, and wife Jerusha as heirs of William Peters. Daughters Jemima Jones and Jerusha Jones are mentioned in their grandmother Amy Peters' will dated 1827. The 1851 Greenwich, Kings County, New Brunswick census lists Zebulon, Jerusha and son Zebulon. Zebulon Sr.'s will, written in 1860, mentions only his second wife Elizabeth and son Zebulon.
61. JEMIMA ELIZABETH JONES b. ca. 1813/4, d. 23OCT1866, bur. Oak Point Anglican Cem., Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB, m. Greenwich Parish 16FEB1831 CHARLES LEWIS RICHARDS (b. ca. 1803/4, d. 1JAN1875 aet. 72 years, (will probated 1875), bur. Oak Point Anglican Cem., Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB), s/o Thomas (b. ca. 1770, d. 1853) and Maria Barbara (Hamm) (b. ca. 1781) Richards (or Thomas and Margaret (Fraser) Richards, as Margaret (ca.1785-1821, age 36, w/o Thomas Richards) is bur. at Oak Point.)
  John Elliott, (, Kings Co. board, 17MAR2004), identifies Jemima as a d/o Zebulon and Jerusha (Peters) Jones.
  In the 1851 census of Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB, were Charles Richards (age 47, farmer, b. NB) and his wife, Jemima (age 37, Jemima Elizabeth bpt. Oak Point as an adult, wife of Charles Richards, 1860.) Their children were: 'Zebulin' (19), Thomas (17), Margaret (16), John (14), Jemima (13), Charles (11) (Charles Lewis Richards, bpt. Oak Point 8MAR1844, b. 10JUN1840, s/o Charles and Jemima), Anna (9) and William (7.)
  Charles Lewis Richards m. Jemima Elizabeth Jones 16FEB1831 (probably in the Anglican chapel at Oak Point; they were married in Greenwich Parish in an Anglican Church, but I am not sure when St. George's chapel was replaced by St. Paul's Church. A Jemima Richards m. 1861 Thomas Brundage. A Zebulon Richards m. 1862 Mary Elizabeth Carpenter. A witness was Charles Richards.
611. ZEBULON RICHARDS b. ca. 1832/3, m. 1862 MARY ELIZABETH CARPENTER (b. ca. 1837.) Zebulon and his brother, William J., are in the 1881 census of Greenwich Parish.
612. THOMAS RICHARDS b. ca. 1834
613. MARGARET RICHARDS b. ca. 1835
614. JOHN RICHARDS b. ca. 1837
615. JEMIMA RICHARDS b. ca. 1838, possibly she who m. 1861 THOMAS C. BRUNDAGE (b. ca. 1829.)
  Thomas (age 52) and Jemima (age 42) are in Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB in 1881. Thomas is a farmer, and the family is b. NB, English and Church of England. Children were: Edgar M. (18), Charles L. (15) and Harry A. (10.)
  They were in Greenwich Parish as late as 1871, when Thomas was a farmer at Oak Point.
616. CHARLES LEWIS RICHARDS b. 10JUN1840, bpt. Oak Point, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB 8MAR1844, m. 28SEP1865 ELLA NOWLIN, d/o George V. and Eleanor (Dewer) Nowlin. (René Kimball,, Kings Co. board, 22FEB2004.)
617. ANNA RICHARDS b. ca. 1842
618. WILLIAM J. RICHARDS b. ca. 1844/5
62. SAMUEL JONES b. ca. 1818, m. ELIZABETH _____ (b. ca. 1816-8.)
  Accepting as per the Peters family web site mentioned above that Zebulon and Jerusha (Peters) Jones had a son, Samuel; then he would likely be on of the two Samuel’s in Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB. Since one was b. ca. 1799 could not be their child, the other (farmer, age 33, b. NB) would be. That’s assuming that Samuel, Sr. was not, for example, Zebulon’s brother, and father of Samuel, Jr. The second does not seem likely, as Samuel, Sr.’s wife was b. ca. 1818; the same age as Samuel, Jr., and there is nothing to suggest an earlier wife. Also, Samuel, Jr. has a daughter, Jerusha, which at least suggests that he was Zebulon’s son. With that caveat, this work proceeds as if Samuel was Zebulon’s son.
  A marriage bond was issued in Kings Co. in 1832 for Samuel Jones and Elizabeth Adams. This was co-signed by Thomas Connor and Walter Reid. Presumably Thomas Connor was he who m. Samuel’s aunt, Mercy Jones [5], so at least this Samuel was a member of this Jones family. However, as far as can be determined at this time. Samuel was age 14 in 1832. Also in 1832 in Kings Co., a bond was issued for Samuel Jones and Sarah Lydia Perkins, with Peter Reid co-signing. This Samuel would be the elder in the 1851 census of Greenwich Parish, with a wife, Sarah; yet again, Sarah would be about 14 years of age. This actually seems likely as their eldest child, Mary, was b. ca. 1834.
  In 1881, in Studholm Parish, Kings Co., NB, Samuel was age 63, Welsh, and a farmer. Elizabeth was also 63 and Welsh; and both were b. NB and were Free Will Baptist. There were no children with them at the time.
  In spite of the difficulties (perhaps the transcription of the two records became confused, and the 1832 date is incorrect), it seems as if Elizabeth’s maiden name may have been Adams. There was, in fact, an Adams’ family in Greenwich Parish in 1851; particularly Nathaniel (b. ca. 1786) and Hannah (b. ca. 1790) Adams. The only other Adams’ family in the parish was that of John (b. ca. 1820) and Charity (b. ca. 1827) Adams; possibly John also being a child of Nathaniel and Hannah Adams. Nathaniel and Hannah (Roberts) Adams did have a daughter, Elizabeth, bpt. 13JAN1811 by the Rev. Richard Clarke of Gagetown. At the time, the Adams’ lived in Hampstead Parish, Queens Co., NB.
621. JERUSHA JONES b. ca. 1843
622. LETITIA JONES b. ca. 1846
623. SAMUEL JONES b. ca. 1850
64. JAMES S. JONES b. 1823 (ca. 1824 in 1871, ca. 1823 in 1881), d. 20DEC1888 age 65 years, bur. Blissville, United Baptist Cem. Sunbury Co., NB, m. Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB (probably St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Oak Point) 4SEP1845 MARGARET DIBBLEE (b. 1825-6 (12MAY1829 in 1901, ca. 1826 in 1871, ca. 1831 in 1881), d. 4APR1907, age 84 years, bur. Blissville, United Baptist Cem. Sunbury Co., NB; m. 2nd Saint John Co., NB 4MAY1892 GEORGE WILLIAMS), d/o Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Secord) Dibblee.
  In the records for her second marriage, Margaret is both Dibblee and Jones. George Williams may be he who was b. ca. 1822 and d. Saint John Co., NB 2NOV1908 age 86 years; but Margaret seems to have been a widow in 1901. He might also be the George J. Williams b. ca. 1819, d. Kings Co., NB 26AUG1894 age 75 years. The transcription of Margaret’s headstone gives her date-of-death as 4APR1937, but this seems to have been an error for 1901. With them is buried Ethel Johnson 1883-1970.
  The estate of James Jones of Petersville Parish, Queens Co., NB was probated 1889.
  In 1871, in Petersville Parish, Queens Co., NB, James is age 47, English, Baptist and a farmer. ‘Margret’ is age 45, English and also Baptist. Children are: ‘Geblin’ (son, 24), James (22), ‘Jeruse’ (19), William (15), Jane (10) and Ida (8.)
  In 1881, in Petersville Parish, Queens Co., NB, James is age 58, a farmer, English and Free Will Baptist. Margaret is age 50. Children are: Mildred J. (20) and Ida A. (18.)
641. ZEBULON JONES b. ca. 1847. A marriage bond was issued in Queens Co., NB in 1875 for Zebulon Jones and Charlotte Seely, Salathiel Carpenter, co-signer. Zebulon was of Queens Co., Charlotte was of Sunbury Co., and Salathiel of Saint John Co.
642. JAMES JONES b. ca. 1849. Most likely James S. Jones b. ca. 1850 in Petersville Parish, Queens Co., NB in 1881; with a wife, Annie E. (b. ca. 1857) and a son, Zebulon (b. ca. 1880.)
  A marriage bond was issued in 1878 in Queens Co., NB for James Jones and Annie E. Jones, co-signer Levi N. Sharpe. Annie was from Carleton Co., NB and Levi from Kings Co., NB.
643. JERUSHA E. JONES b. 19SEP1853 (ca. 1852 in 1871), m. 25MAY1874 SALATHIEL A. CARPENTER [651] (b. 18MAR1845 (or 1846; ca. 1846 in 1851, ca. 1848 in 1881), s/o Archelaus and Jerusha (Jones) Carpenter.
  Marriage bond co-signed by Frederick Flewelling. Jerusha was of Kings Co., but Salathiel and Frederick were of Saint John Co. Frederick Flewelling is very likely to have been Frederick Dibblee Flewelling, brother of Hannah Amelia Flewelling. (See below.)
  In 1851, Salathiel, age 5, was with his parents, Archelaus (age 43) and Jerusha (age 25) Carpenter in Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB. Assuming Jerusha was of the same parish, and roughly contemporary, she most likely was Jerusha, age 8, d/o Samuel (age 33) and Elizabeth (age 35) Jones of Greenwich Parish in 1851. It has otherwise been stated that she was the d/o James S. and Margaret (Dibblee) Jones.
  In 1881, ‘Selathiel’ Carpenter was age 33, b. NB, a farmer and F, Baptist in Lancaster Parish, Saint John Co., NB. Jerusha, his wife, was age 28, and Jerusha, his mother, a widow, was age 53.
  In 1901, still in Lancaster Parish, ‘Salath’ Carpenter is given as b. 18MAR1854 (age 46, but probably supposed to be 56.) ‘Jerusua’ E. is given as b. 19SEP1853? (but age 58?). With them is a cousin, ‘Amellia Wallis’ b. 10JAN1874, a nephew, Herman Carpenter (7APR1887) and a mother-in-law (?) ‘Margtr’ or ‘Nertgr’ Williams (12MAY1829.) ‘Next door’ was ‘Zehem’ Flewelling (23DEC1855), with a wife, ‘Kater’ L. (4NOV1846); who had children: Percy W. (16JUL1879), Vida B. (2FEB1881), Frank E. (21JUN1888) and George W. (2JAN1890.)
  I believe Amelia is Amelia Deborah Wallace b. 10JAN1874, d. 14MAR1961, m. 23MAY1901 David William McKenzie. In her birth record, she is Deborah Amelia Wallace b. Patterson Settlement, Sunbury Co., NB 10JAN1874. Her father was William Wallace, and her mother is given as ‘Hannah, Amelia’. In 1881, she is ‘Debe’ Wallace (b. ca. 1874), d/o William (b. ca. 1841) and Hannah (b. 1848) Wallace. William and Hannah have a large number of children. William’s mother is Eliza (b. ca. 1807.) Other birth record. give Amelia’s mother as Hannah Amelia Flewelling. Hannah Amelia Flewelling was b. Lincoln, NB (in Sunbury Co.?) 19APR1847, and d. Patterson Settlement, Sunbury Co., NB 17AUG1923. She m. 16JUN1867 William David Wallace (b. ca. 1841-3), [514], below. Her parents were John and Ann Jane Secord (Dibblee) Flewelling. If Amelia Deborah Wallace was a cousin to Salathiel Carpenter or to his wife, Jerusha E. Jones, through the Flewelling’s it would seem to have been a rather distant relationship; as Hannah Amelia Flewelling was descended from Thomas Flewelling, Jr.; where the Jones’ appear connected to Thomas Flewelling’s brother, Enos Flewelling. The Carpenter side of things, however, has other possibilities. More likely Jerusha E. (Jones) Carpenter’s mother, Margaret Dibblee, was a sister of Ann Jane Secord Dibblee, Amelia Deborah Wallace’s maternal grandmother. Thus, Jerusha E. (Jones) Carpenter and Amelia Deborah Wallace would likely be first cousins, once removed. This might explain how Amelia Deborah Wallace met her husband, as David William McKenzie appears to be [514], below, grandson of Mercy Jones, sister of Zebulon Jones, who, in turn, may well have been the father of Jerusha (Jones) Carpenter, Sr. and of James S. Jones; parents of Salathiel Carpenter and Jerusha E. Jones. This, in fact, appears to have been the case, and both Margaret and Ann Dibblee were daughters of Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Secord) Dibblee. This would also explain why Frederick Dibblee Flewelling would co-sign the marriage bond of Salathiel Carpenter and Jerusha E. Jones in 1874, as he was also Jerusha’s first cousin. Another sister of Margaret and Ann Dibblee was Eliza Dibblee, who m. David Wallace. David appears to have been the father of William David Wallace; so William David was also a first cousin to Hannah Flewelling and Jerusha E. Jones. The statement that ‘Amellia Wallis’ was a ‘cousin’ seems somewhat understated.
  ‘Margtr’ or ‘Nertgr’ Williams (12MAY1829) does, by her birth date, appear to be Jerusha, Jr.’s mother; Margaret (Dibblee) Jones, perhaps in a second marriage.
644. WILLIAM JONES b. ca. 1856. Most likely the William Henry Jones in Petersville Parish, Queens Co., NB in 1891, b. ca. 1858; with a wife, Charlotte A. (b. ca. 1867) and three children. This William H. Jones appears to be the same b. 1858, d. 1951, bur. Hillcrest (Clarendon) Cem., Petersville Parish, Queens Co., NB. In the same cemetery is C. Adelaide (McLeod) Jones 16JUL1867-12MAR1894, w/o William H. Jones. Adelaide In the birth records of her children used usually that name) d. Queens Co., NB age 26 years. William Henry Jones d. Queens Co., NB 21OCT1951.
645. MILDRED JANE JONES b. ca. 1861
646. IDA J. JONES b. ca. 1863
65. JERUSHA M. JONES b. ca. 1826-8, d. Saint John Co., NB 12MAR1889 age 62 years, bur. Greenwood Cem., Saint John, Saint John Co., NB, m. 20FEB1844 ARCHELAUS CARPENTER (b. Queens Co., NB 1MAY1809 (ca. 1808-13), d. Saint John Co., NB 9-10MAY1878, Greenwood Cem., Saint John, Saint John Co., NB), s/o Thomas and Catherine (Shaw) Carpenter.
  An Archelaus Carpenter b. ca. 1813, buried 26JUN1878 age 65 years, is buried in Greenwood Cem., Saint John, Saint John Co., NB. This may make him the Archelaus Carpenter b. ca. 1800, d. 10MAY1878, s/o Archelaus and Sybil (Shalor) Carpenter; but this is by no means certain; or even likely. However, the death date may apply to the husband of Jerusha Jones, as I believe the s/o Archelaus, Sr. and Sybil was b. ca. 1820, and still living in Cambridge Parish, Queens Co., NB in 1881. More likely, Archelaus is the one b. 1MAY1809, s/o Thomas and Catherine (Shaw) Carpenter. (Thomas and Archelaus, Sr. being, I believe, brothers.) The son of Thomas and Catherine is also said to have d. 9MAY1878. The common use of the name amongst the Carpenter family can easily lead to confusion; but I feel that this Archelaus was Thomas and Catherine’s son, was b. Queens Co., NB 1MAY1809, and d. Saint John Co., NB 9-10MAY1878.
  In the same cemetery is buried (15MAR1888, age 62) Jerusha Carpenter. The compiler of the burial records notes that many dates are incorrect; so she was likely (in light of a death record for 1889), buried 15MAR1889.
  In 1881, Jerusha, a widow, age 53, F. Baptist, b. NB and English, lived with her son, Salathiel, and daughter-in-law and namesake, Jerusha, in Lancaster Parish, Saint John Co., NB.
  A sister of Archelaus, Elizabeth Carpenter (b. 26SEP1813) m. Samuel Jones. A brother of Archelaus, the Rev. Thomas W. Carpenter (b. 12APR1818, d. 1JAN1906 m. 1st 8MAR1848 Elizabeth Slipp (3SEP1825-27FEB1882); m. 2nd Mary E. Jones.
651. SALATHIEL CARPENTER b. (or 1846; ca. 1846 in 1851, ca. 1848 in 1881, m. 25MAY1874 JERUSHA E. JONES [643] (b. 19SEP1853, d. Saint John Co., 6MAR1920), d/o James S. and Margaret (Dibblee) Jones. (See above.)
652. AMY ALBERTA CARPENTER b. Central Greenwich, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB 26JAN1854, m. FREDERICK LEWIS FLEWELLING (b. 29MAY1854), s/o John F. and Elizabeth Ann (Belyea) Flewelling.
  Alberta is most likely the ‘Alberty’ A. Flewelling who d. Saint John Co., NB 26OCT1931.
  In 1881, Frederick ‘Fluvelling’ and Alberta were in Ward No. 1, Portland Twp., Saint John Co., NB. Frederick was age 26, Welsh, b. NB, Church of England and a grocer. Albert was age 26, English, b. NB  and also Church of England.
  In 1901, Frederick was in Lansdowne Ward, Saint John, Saint John Co., NB with a birth date, 29MAY1854. His wife was Alberta A. b. 26JAN1854. Children were: Clarence C. (1MAY1882), ‘Nila’ H. (16SEP1887), Bertram A. (9APR1892) and Georgie A (8AUG1893.) All were b. NB, English and Baptist. Frederick was a spice manufacturer, and Clarence was bookkeeper.
6521. CLARENCE CARPENTER FLEWELLING b. Saint John, Saint John Co., NB 1MAY1882, d. Yakima, Washington State 28DEC1948, m. 1st. Saint John, Saint John Co., NB MARGARET GERTRUDE TAPLEY (b. ca. 1887, d. ca. 1910), d/o Frederick and Mary Elizabeth (Barnhill) Tapley; m. 2nd ELIZABETH McMONEGAL; m. 3rd AGNES HAMM (possibly connected with the Hamm family connected to Abel Flewwelling’s family)
6522. ANITA ("NITA") HILDRICH FLEWELLING b. 16SEP1887, m. 1st Saint John, Saint John Co., NB 4MAR1903 J. ERNEST JONES; m. 2nd Saint John, Saint John Co., NB 29FEB1915 WILLIAM W. J. CROSBY; m. 3rd GEORGE PARKER
6523. BLANCHE FLEWELLING d. aet. 13 or 14 years
6524. ARCHELAUS BERTRAM (or BERTRAM ARCHELAUS) FLEWELLING b. Saint John, Saint John Co., NB 8APR1892 (9APR1892 in 1901), m. Saint John, Saint John Co., NB 24OCT1917 MYRTLE G. LYON
6525. GEORGIA (‘GEORGIE’) ALBERTA FLEWELLING b. Saint John, Saint John Co., NB 8AUG1893
66. ZEBULON JONES b. ca. 1833/4, d. Kings Co., NB 7SEP1891, m. 1st 1860 MARY ANN CRAWFORD; m. 2nd 1875 EMMA BERTHA FROST (b. 23FEB1845, d. Kings Co., NB 19MAY1925.) In the 1881 census of Greenwich Parish with children: Henrietta E (b. ca. 1861), Leander A. (b. ca. 1862), Julia A. (b. ca. 1863), Arthur (b. ca. 1865), Norman B. (b. ca. 1869), Ada B. (b. ca. 1878) and Alma E. (b. JUN1880.) With them was a Elizabeth Jones b. NB ca. 1804, possibly Elizabeth Flewelling.
  In 1901, in Greenwich Parish, was E. Bertha Jones b. 23FEB1844. With her were children: Ada B. (18FEB1878), Alan E. (27JUN1880) and Hildrock (Hildreth?) P. (24DEC1886.) What is really interesting is that boarding with them was a youngish Anglican clergyman, Hiram A. Cody, who was to initiate historical and genealogical interest in Kings Co., and to gather together the Anglican Church records for Greenwich and Westfield Parishes. He was also to marry into the Flewelling family.
  Hildrick Peters Jones was b. Round Hill, Greenwich Parish 24DEC1886.
662. LEANDER A. JONES b. ca. 1862
  Most likely ‘Leandre’ Jones b. NB 22FEB1863 a contractor? in Edmonton, Alberta in 1901. His wife, Sara (b. 31DEC1862) also appears to have been b. NB; but most of his children were b. US. Those children were: Thomas (27JUN1887), Archie (14AUG1889), Ernest (1FEB1892), Leslie (son, b. 16DEC1894) and Ida 6JAN1900.
  The US element is contradicted by a ‘2906’ (1906?) census of Edmonton which gives Leander as age 44, b. Canada, and living on Curry St., Edmonton, AB. Sarah is age 43, and the children (also all b. Canada) were: Thomas A. (19), Archie (16), Ernest (13), ‘Lesley’ (12), Ida D. (6), Josephine (5) and Elwin (2.) This is at:
and was transcribed by Ted How for the Alberta Family Histories Society.
663. JULIA A. JONES b. ca. 1863
664. ARTHUR JONES b. ca. 1865
665. NORMAN BEVERLEY JONES b. ca. 1869 (9NOV1860, age 30, in 1901), m. Kings Co., NB 24NOV1892 MARION MARGARET BELYEA (b. 18JUN1874 (ca. 1875 in 1881), d. 21FEB1953), d/o William Sancton and Alice (Lee) Belyea of Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB.
  In 1901, Norman and Marion were in Rat Portage, Algoma Co., Ontario (now, I believe, in Manitoba), with children: Grace A. (11MAY1893) and Effa M. (12NOV1897.) Their daughter, Grace Almira Jones, was b. Round Hill, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB 11MAY1893. While Norman, Marion and Grace are indicated as being b. NB, Effa was b. ONT; suggesting they moved there between 1894 and 1900. Norman was a school caretaker.
  In 1881, Marion M. Belyea was the d/o ‘Saneton’ and Alice Belyea. In 1901, in Rat Portage, ‘next door’ was Allan R. Belyea (2OCT1854) and his wife, Annie C. (16DEC1858); likely Allen Richards Belyea b. 2OCT1853, bpt. 8OCT1854, s/o William Benjamin and Mary Elizabeth Jane (Whelpley) Belyea, and probably something like Marion’s second cousin. The suggestion is that the two families went to Rat Portage together. Allan’s wife was Annie C. Boyle. Allan was a R. R. carpenter.
666. ADA BARBARA JONES b. Central Greenwich, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB 18FEB1878 (1901 census and birth record)
667. ALAN E. JONES b. 27JUN1880
668. HILDRICK PETERS JONES b. Round Hill, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB  24DEC1886
7. DANIEL JONES b. 27FEB1788, d. 17DEC1860
8. ASA JONES b. 13JUL1790, possibly he for whom a marriage bond was issued in Kings Co. in 1831, bride: Mary Ann ‘McKinsie’; co-signers: Moses Jones and John Ogden. In 1858 a similar bond was issued for Asa Jones and Margaret H. Bond; Thomas Davis, co-signer.
  In 1785, and Asa Jones, with many others, petitioned for land in Kings Co., NB; including Jabez and Josiah Jones. Presumably this was a different Asa Jones.
9. MOSES JONES b. 24JUL1792, d. 6JUN1860, m. 1812 MARY SMITH (b. 25AUG1794, d. 17OCT1854.) In Greenwich Parish in 1851 (age 59) with wife, Mary (b. ca. 1794), and children: Susan (b. ca. 1829), Daniel (b. ca. 1831), Peleg (b. ca. 1833), Mary (b. ca. 1835) and ‘Mercey’ (b. ca. 1838.)
  In 1813, Moses Jones, with Samuel and John Jones, and also Thomas Connor and James Secord, petitioned for land in Kings Co., NB. Since Thomas Connor married Moses’ sister, Mercy Jones; presumably Samuel and John Jones are related. What that relationship might be is uncertain, but they were likely his brothers.
91. VALENTINE JONES b. 27JUL1813, d. 27DEC1813
92. ASA HILDERICK JONES b. 28MAY1815, d. 23NOV1889. Probably the Asa Jones b. ca. 1817 in the 1851 census of Greenwich Parish with a wife, ‘Elliner’ (b. ca. 1825), and daughters: ‘Addriana’ (b. ca. 1846) and Margarey (b. ca. 1850.)
94. ROBERT SMITH JONES b. NOV1819, d. 6OCT1856
96. STEPHEN JONES b. MAR1823, d. 17APR1889
97. JOHN JONES b. SEP1824, d. 4OCT1847
98. GEORGE JONES b. 27JUL1827
9J. DANIEL JONES b. 26JUN1831 (24JUN1831 in 1901), d. 12JAN1902. Possibly the Daniel Jones who m. Kings Co., NB 26OCT1857 MARY ANN ELLISON (b. 11APR1833), d/o George and Mercy (or Mary Ann, Jones) Ellison. Daniel (b. ca. 1832) and Mary Ann (b. ca. 1833) Jones were in Greenwich Parish in 1881, when their children were: ‘Ame’ (Amy) N. (b. ca. 1863) and Heber W. (b. ca. 1865; Heber Wells Jones d. Kings Co., NB 31JAN1931, m. Eleanor Jane Black.)
  In 1901, in Greenwich Parish, he appears to be Samuel Jones b. 24JUN1831, with wife, Mary, b. 11APR1833. With him are his son, Heber W. Jones (10SEP1864), Heber’s wife, Ella J. (16NOV1864), and Heber and Ella’s children. Examining the original, the transcriber could easily have read ‘Samuel’, but a closer examination reveals it to be ‘Daniel’.
9K. PELEG SMITH JONES b. 1APR1833, d. Moncton, NB 25DEC1913, m. 1st LAVINIA BARTER (b. ca. 1834); m. 2nd 21JAN1877 DEBORAH HICKS (b. McKee’s Mills, Kent Co., NB 11SEP1847, d. McLean Settlement, Kent Co., NB 28MAR1936), d/o Ida and Matilda (Abrams) Hicks.
  In 1881 Peleg (farmer, b. ca. 1833) and ‘Debrah’ (b. ca. 1848) are in Sussex Parish, Kings Co., NB. Children are: Charles (carpenter, ca. 1856), George (blacksmith, ca. 1858), Frank (fireman (i.e., on railroad?) ca. 1860), Willard (farmer, ca. 1862) and Olivia (ca. 1878.) They are English, b. NB and Free Will Baptist (Deborah a Calvinist Baptist.)
  They are in Moncton, Westmorland Co., NB in the 1901 census. ‘Peley’ is b. 1APR1833; his wife, Deborah, was b. 11SEP1846, but age 54, so 1847 is probably correct. Children were: Olivia (7NOV1877), James Melborn (4MAR1881), Emmie (18MAR1883), John (9APR1885) and Millie (10MAR1887.)
9K1. CHARLES JONES b. ca. 1856
9K2. GEORGE JONES b. ca. 1858
9K3. FRANK JONES b. ca. 1860
9K4. WILLARD JONES b. ca. 1862
9K5. OLIVIA JANE JONES b. Gladesville (or Gladeside), Kent Co., NB 7NOV1877, probably she who m. Alexander McLean and lived in McLean Settlement, Kent Co., NB
9K7. EMMA JONES b. 18MAR1883
9K8. JOHN JONES b. 9APR1885
9K9. MILLIE JONES b. 10MAR1887
9M. MERCY C. JONES b. 1DEC1838.
  A Mercy C. Jones m. Saint John, NB 23OCT1861 GEORGE ELLISON.
  A Mercy C. Jones m. Saint John, NB 21NOV1877 JOHN G. BELYEA
L. LEVI JONES b. 16SEP1798, d. 2MAY1877, m. CAROLE MAE MARTIN (b. ca. 1809.)
  Levi Jones b. ca. 1808 and his wife, Caroline (b. ca. 1809), were in Greenwich Parish in 1851; children: John (ca. 1831), Celia (ca. 1832), Charles (ca. 1834), Sarah (ca. 1835) and Eliza (ca. 1836.)
  A Levi Jones m. Kings Co., NB 23MAR1859 Harriett Ann Jones (b. ca. 1835), d/o Samuel Jones. Harriett appears to have been the Harriet b. ca. 1839, in Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB in 1851, d/o Samuel and Rachel Jones. Samuel was b. ca. 1799 and Rachel was b. ca. 1818. The children of Samuel and Rachel were: Mary (ca. 1834), Stephen (ca. 1838), Harriet (ca. 1839), ‘Deborough’ (ca. 1841), Rachel (ca. 1843), ‘Frances’ (daughter, b. ca. 1845), ‘Cathrine’ (ca. 1847), ‘Ellaner’ (ca. 1849) and David (ca. 1850.)
L1. JOHN JONES b. ca. 1831
L2. CELIA JONES b. ca. 1832. Probably Cecilia Ann Jones m. 1866 Henry Day of Queens Co., NB
L3. CHARLES JONES b. ca. 1834
L4. SARAH JONES b. ca. 1835
L5. ELIZA JONES b. ca. 1836
O. ELIZABETH JONES b. 5MAY1805, d. 1874
Notes on Jones' probably related, but whose connection is not clear.
  DANIEL HILDRETH JONES b. ca. 1847, m. ELEANOR ANNE BELYEA (b. ca. 1847), d/o Robert and Elizabeth Jane (Corey) Belyea.
  In 1871, in Wilmot Parish, Carleton Co., NB, Daniel is ‘David’ Jones, age 24, b. NB, English, Free Christian Baptist and a farmer. ’Elenor’ is also age 24. Children were: Delila (4) and Robert (2.)
  Eleanor would appear to have been the ‘Elenor’ A. Jones, age 34, a widow, b. NB and F. Baptist; with two children: ‘Delila’ (14) and Robert (12), in Wilmot Parish, Carleton Co., NB in 1881. Robert may be Robert Franklin Jones b. 1869, d. 1DEC1929, bur. United Baptist Churchyard, Lakeville, Carleton Co., NB. This could also be the Robert N. Jones who m. Carleton Co., NB 21OCT1903 Effie Estella Tracey (Tracy) (b. 14JAN1878, d. 14APR1904, bur. United Baptist Churchyard, Lakeville, Carleton Co., NB), d/o Merrill Taylor and Elizabeth (Carvell) Tracy; and the Robert N. F. Jones who m. Carleton Co., NB 17OCT1915 Ina Edith MacCatherine?
  Daniel and Eleanor’s son, Harry Talmage Jones, may have been the Harry F. Jones, b. ca. 1878, living with John A. and Matilda Jones, in Wilmot Parish in 1881.
  Daniel Jones may be the same granted 100 acres in Aberdeen Parish, Carleton Co., NB 11MAY1880.
1. HARRY TALMAGE (TALMADGE) JONES b. Lakeville, Carleton Co., NB 17NOV1877, d. 1956, bur. United Baptist Churchyard, Lakeville, Carleton Co., NB, m. Carleton Co., NB 21NOV1908 ZELLA ANITA (ANNETTA) TRACY (b. Lakeville, Carleton Co., NB 4NOV1885, d. 1971, bur. United Baptist Churchyard, Lakeville, Carleton Co., NB), d/o Merrill Taylor and Elizabeth (Carvell) Tracy.
  A birth record makes it clear that Harry Talmage (Talmadge) Jones was the s/o Daniel Hildreth and Eleanor Anne (Belyea) Jones. Presumably this is the ‘David’ and ‘Elenor’ Jones in Wilmot Parish, Carleton Co., NB in 1871. It is also clear that Harry lived in the same area. What is not clear is whether ‘David’ and ‘Elenor’ are, in fact, Daniel and Eleanor; and whether Delilah and Robert are Harry’s siblings. It would seem that Robert and Harry married sisters, so may be brothers; but there were other Jones’ families in the area; perhaps related, perhaps not.
  In 1891, in Wilmot Parish, Carleton Co., NB, Harry T., age 13, b. NB, parents b. NB, Free Christian Baptist, was lodging with Jonathan Jones (age 25.) Jonathan Jones, age 15 in 1881, was described as a son of John A. and Matilda Jones; but Harry, who was with them at the time, was not described as a son. John A. Jones was b. ca. 1823, and might be Daniel’s brother?; or even father?
11. HARRY T. JONES b. 5MAR1901, d. Carleton Co., NB 7JAN1926, bur. United Baptist Churchyard, Lakeville, Carleton Co., NB, m. Wilmot Parish, Carleton Co., NB 28JUN1922 LUCY ANN FLEMMING (b. Bloomfield, Carleton Co., NB 17MAR1904; m. 2nd Woodstock, Carleton Co., NB 2nd 6SEP1927 Donald Jones; probably Donald J. Jones b. 1904, d. 1951, bur. United Baptist Churchyard, Lakeville, Carleton Co., NB), d/o William Edward and Mary Isabel (Gartley) Flemming.
12. CAROL EVELYN JONES b. Wilmot Parish, Carleton Co., NB 27MAR1909
  JACOB JONES b. ca. 1783, d. 10MAY1868 aet. 84 years, bur. 2nd Salisbury Baptist Church, m. 7DEC1804 HANNAH COREY (b. ca. 1786, d. Salisbury, NB 31OCT1853; m. 1st New Canaan, NB Edmund Price, Jr.), d/o Gideon and Abigail (Clark) Corey.
  MARY JANE JONES m. AMOS SMITH BELYEA, s/o Robert and Elizabeth Jane (Corey) Belyea.
  ALBERT S. JONES m. CORNELIA KENNEDY. Liz Jones wrote (Jones GenForum, # 1872, 22SEP1998):  
Albert S. JONES married Cornelia KENNEDY probably in the mid-1860s in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. I know Albert descended from John JONES and Mercy HILDRETH; John Jones had moved from Amesbury, MA to New Brunswick about 1775. I am missing details on the generations between these two couples.
Albert and Cornelia had two sons: LeBaron Wilmot Jones (b. 1870) and Jordan Jones.
  LeBaron went to Acadia College in Nova Scotia, became a doctor, moved to Pleasantville, NY and married Sarah Etta Brown. They had Russell Kennedy Jones (m. Alice Isabel Judson) and Kenneth K. Jones (m. Helen Kinney?).
  Jordan married Annie Jones (a distant cousin); their son Heber Kennedy Jones married Alice _____. This branch of the family apparently moved to California around 1952.
Jordan Jones is likely the Jordan Kennedy Jones who m. Saint John Co., NB 19AUG1892 Annie M. Jones.
  In 1881, in Ward 1, Portland Township, Saint John Co., NB, Albert was age 36 and a wharf-builder. Cornelia was age 33, and the family was Welsh, b. NB and Church of England. ‘Lebarron’ was age 12, and Jordan was age 10.
  I suspect that Cornelia was the Cornelia A. Kennedy b. ca. 1847, d/o James (b. ca. 1813) and Mary (b. ca. 1828) Kennedy in Westfield Parish, Kings Co., NB in 1851. Similarly, Albert may be the Albert Jones (b. ca. 1846), s/o a widower, John Jones (b. ca. 1816), in Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB in 1851. Albert’s siblings were: Elizabeth (ca. 1836), Asa (ca. 1839), ‘Larilla’ (daughter, ca. 1842) and George (ca. 1844.) John Jones may be John E. Jones b. ca. 1815, d. Kings Co., NB 5NOV1890 age 75 years. John E. Jones age 65, was in Greenwich Parish in 1881, a miller, a widower and Free Will Baptist. With him was a widow, Matilda Jones (age 95), and Wesley Jones (age 25.)