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"OAK LEAVES", Version 2, Number 3
  This is an attempt to present information gathered over 100 years on the family of Thomas and Elizabeth (Griffin) Flewelling. Their family is a branch of the larger Flewelling-Flewwelling-Flewwellin-Flewellin-Fluelling-Flewellyn family of northern North America. This particular branch I refer to as the Oak Point Flewelling's.
  This is, by no means, a complete, or even extensive, list of their descendants. These number in the thousands; and they are found pretty much everywhere in North America. Limitations confine me (at this time) to only listing their children and grandchildren. At least this will give those interested a basis and beginning.
  Those interested in this family, and others of the northern North American Flewelling's, Flewwelling's, Flewwellin's, Flewellin's, Fluelling's, Fleuelling's, Flewellyn's can contact me at:
Thomas A. Murray: !, (remove the '!', before e-mailing.)
  A website dealing with the early years of this family begins at:
There is also a link to a preliminary, and incomplete, site on the family of Robert and Maplet Flewelling of North Castle, Westchester County, New York. These two works are sometimes referred to as, "Oak Leaves", Version 2, Numbers 1 and 2.
  I suppose, for formality's sake, I should declare a copywrite on these works. I have no difficulty with anyone copying, or even publishing the information; but I do have difficulties with this being done without proper attribution. I find this particulalrly problematic as my introduction to the internet was fraught with disappointments when I discovered that information which tended to confirm my work was actually a repetition of that work. I could tell because I could recognize the errors, and there was some information that only I knew.
  A feature, introduced here for the first time, is Elizabeth Flewelling [42K1], d/o John Flewelling of Halton County, Upper Canada. I am particularly indebted to Jack Peltier of Calgary, Alberta for having pointed this person out to me. As is so often the case in Flewelling Genealogy, it is questionable as to whether her maiden name was Flewelling; and, as is particularly the case with John Flewelling of Halton, it is questionable as to whether she was his daughter. The assumption that these were the case is not all that remote; just not proven by concrete evidence. The circumstantial evidence is quite strong.
  Since this compilation only goes as far as to list the children of the children of Thomas Flewelling of Oak Point much of the evidence for the relationships (which is contained in the continuation of their families) is missing. Since Elizabeth is such a new addition to the family, it may be worth while adding the material so far gathered on her in order to solicit comments from those interested.
  My apologies for any difficulties navigating this site (pop-ups, mis-shapen formats, etc.); they are unintended and the result of using a free web site and a web page composition programme that doesn't really work.

Thomas A. Murray