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42M. Jacob Flewelling
  Jacob Flewelling was born ca. 1776-7, and died at the age of 83 in 1860 in Townsend Twp, Norfolk Co, ONT. He married Sarah, whose maiden name is given as Secord, and whose parents are given as William Henry and Ruth (Hunt) Secord. (Ruth Secord, wife of Mr. William Secord, was buried in the Trinity Church Anglican Cem., Kingston, Kings Co., NB 12JUL1837, her age at death given as 79 years.) Certainly, while still in New Brunswick, Jacob was involved in at least one petition for land together with William Secord and William's sons, indicating a relationship. Sarah was born ca. 1781-3. An anonymous posting at the Secord GenForum (# 187, 19SEP2001) reads:
JAMES SEACORD, B. 1699 D. Nov.8, 1773 Son of Daniel & Catherine (Woertman) Sicard, Grdson of Ambroise Sicard Married 1728 to Jeanne (Jane) Bonnett, b.April 9, 1703 or Dec. 1709 died 1757 ca. Daughter of Daniel & Jeanne (Coutourier) Bonnett. Res. New Rochelle, New York.
Children: James b. 1729; Jane b. 1731; Catherine b. 1733; Benjamin b. 1735, Jacob b. 1737; Abraham b. 1739 (Twins); Solomon b. 1740; Mary b. 1742; WILLIAM HENRY b. 1745; ELIAS b. 1748 & Israel b. 1748-9.
Wm. Henry & Elias went to New Brunswick. William was a Lieutenant in a Company of Loyalists. Land Grant No. 70, Dated 1784/08/14 New Brunswick, & 1785/01/02 Parr Town, Sunbury County & Land Grant No. 61, 1786/07/19 - 761 acres Long Island, Queens County New Brunswick.
WILLIAM HENRY SEACORD (Secord) b. 1745 d. 1844 ca Md. Ruth Hunt, b. 1758 d. July, 1837. Residences: Orange County New York, Newboro & Greenwich, New Brunswick
12 Children: Willim H. Jr. b. 1775 d. April, 1826 Md. Mary Frost, 4 children; Elizabeth b. 1778-79; Sarah b. 1784; James 1785; Elias; Gilead b. 1788 Rachel b. 1781; Anne; Carmel b. 1803; Olive; Susan; Mary.
William was a brother of Elias of Queen's County, New Brunswick.
  John R. Elliott (e-mail 29APR2002) provides an intriguing clue:
"I've also had a look at a typescript of a diary from the Long Reach area of the Kingston Peninsula (Benjamin B. Crawford). A note under 16 Jan. 1836 says "Tom Fluelling had his vandue to sell his things to go to Canada". There were also notes about a Nat Flewelling being to Canada and back. The Crawfords moved to Ontario in 1836 - Oxford?? - There is a reference to Jacob Flewelling being there on Aug. 11 that year."
This might also be Thomas Flewelling, s/o John, Jr. [439]. "Nat", however, is likely Thomas Brittain Flewelling’s brother, Nathaniel Butler Flewelling [42L6].
  In another e-mail, 6MAY2002, John R. Eliot adds:
"I've been taking another look at the Benjamin Crawford diary. On 10 Feb. 1820 I see the following. "James Brittain and Thomas Fluelling settled their law case of the former accusing the latter of stealing." I have no idea whether it actually went to court or if they settled it among themselves."
Again, it is uncertain to which Thomas Flewelling Benjamin B. Crawford Flewelling is referring, but it appears to be to the Oak Point Flewellings; and since the previous reference appears to be to Thomas Brittain Flewelling, presumably this is as well. This being so, the following from Crawford‘s diary (John’s 6MAY2002 e-mail) is of some interest:
"At the end of the year 1823 there is a list of "The Account of Grain Raised in 1822 and Given Out 1823". Included in the list is Jacob Fluelling with 35 bu. of buckwheat and 5 bu. of rye."
  About 1826 Jacob and his family went to Norfolk Co., ONT, settling in the Charlotteville Twp. area. There are several reasons why he may have done so, including the possibility of favourable news of the country from his brother, John Flewelling of Halton Co., and the attempts of John Graves Simcoe to attract settlers from amongst the Loyalist families in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Allen Flewelling (letter, DEC1989) found material which indicates the route taken to Upper Canada, as well as information on the family. Allen wrote:
  "I have found some information that confirms & corrects data on Jacob Flewelling’s family. This information comes from a microfilm titled, "Index to Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving New York: 1820-1846". This record shows Jacob & his family arriving aboard the ship, "Sarah Ann", at New York on November 18, 1826. The item contained a code of A-2341 that may refer to where the original reference is located.

CODE - A-2341
D - AGE 17

Obviously Elijah & D Flewelling are Eliza & Olive Ruth. The list confirms that probably all of Jacob’s children are known. It also provides their correct order of birth and allows for a more accurate approximation of their years of birth. It would appear this is a record of their move from New Brunswick to Ontario."
  A feature of the above not immediately obvious is that between 1791 and 1867 "Canada" referred to what is now the southern portions of Ontario and Quebec provinces. New Brunswick was not then a part of Canada, but a separate province in British North America. That Jacob’s most recent residence was in Canada, not New Brunswick, suggests that he may have gone ahead, secured a place to live, and returned for his family. The route they would have seemed to have followed is down the River Saint John to the City of Saint John, by ship to New York, up the Hudson River, possibly to the Erie Canal (if it existed), and by Lake Erie to Norfolk Co. Considering the lateness of the year, November, this would be foolhardy if some shelter was not already awaiting them. If Jacob had gone ahead, to prepare a home, it is possible he went with others from New Brunswick, as Norfolk Co. later had a number of families from that Province.
  Information on Jacob's family (with the exception of one branch) is limited as of yet, but his children can be identified as:
42M1. ELIZA FLEWELLING b. ca. 1807, m. St. Johns Anglican Church, Woodhouse Twp., Norfolk Co., ONT 5DEC1831 DANIEL SOVEREIGN, (b. ca. 1805, d. 1857, bur. Waterford, Norfolk Co., ONT), s/o Morris and Lydia (Lawrence) Sovereign
42M2. OLIVE RUTH FLEWELLING b. prob. Oak Point, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB 26JUN1809, d. Vittoria, Norfolk Co., ONT 2OCT1880, bur. Vittoria Baptist Cem., m. Norfolk Co., ONT 30JAN1828 ISAIAH JARVIS (b. prob. Huntington, Suffolk Co., Long Island, NY 15SEP1803, d. Vittoria, Norfolk Co., ONT 31OCT1877, bur. Vittoria Baptist Cem.), s/o Isaac and Effalina Jarvis

From page 208 of, Cogs,
by David A. Avery
From page 208 of, Cogs,
by David A. Avery
42M3. BENJAMIN FLEWELLING b. ca. 1813-7 (or ca. 1797), m. 20SEP1839 EMMALINE ROBINS (ROBBINS?)
42M4. SARAH ANNE FLEWELLING b. ca. 1815, d. 1863, m. 26JUN1837 LEONARD SOVEREIGN (b. 1805), s/o Leonard and Ruhamah Sovereign
42M5. JOSEPH FLEWELLING b. ca. 1815-7, d. 1870, m. SEP1835 MARY EVANS (b. North Ireland 14FEB1826, d. Newark, Licking Co., Ohio 27NOV1900), d/o Joseph and Ellen Evans
42M6. DAVID C. FLEWELLING b. 1818-9 (or ca. 1822?), d. 1JAN1900, m. FEB1846 ANGELINE McINTOSH (b. Townsend Centre, Norfolk Co., ONT 15NOV1827 (ca. 1829), d. St. Clair Co., MI 1908), d/o Alexander and Mary (Widner) McIntosh
42M7. SUSAN FLEWELLING b. ca. 11MAR1822, d. Delhi, Norfolk Co. 23NOV1888, ONT, m. 28OCT1839 JOSEPH (JOHN?) McCOOL (b. ca. 11MAR1813, d. Townsend Twp., Norfolk Co., ONT 11AUG1883)