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42J. Sarah Ann (Flewelling) Theall

  Sarah Ann Flewelling b. ca. 1771, d. Saint John, Saint John Co., NB 13MAR1860, bur. Old Cedar Hill Cem., West Saint John, Saint John Co., NB, married Tertullus Theale (b. ca. 1767, d. Saint John, Saint John Co., NB 29SEP1840, bur. Old Cedar Hill Cem., West Saint John, Saint John Co., NB) s/o Charles and Millicent (Dickinson) Theall, originally of Rye, Westchester Co., NY; (sometimes erroneously given as Thomas Theale.)
  As to the pronunciation of the name, never having heard it myself, perhaps this story by Don Stafford (e-mail, 20APR2004) may act as a guide:
  "I’ll add this to the Theall saga. On page 64 of my mother’s stories is the tale of how the Theall’s were scattered because of the first war of independence. I must say, before I go further, that a Jones meeting a Jones, or a Smith meeting a Smith can’t be construed as being any big thing in this day and age. However, a Stafford meeting a Theall is something else, especially when I had never met another Theall outside of our family.
  To make it all more interesting, this chance meeting took place on the airbase at DaNang, Vietnam. In 1966, date not remembered, I was in the N.C.O. Club having lunch when I spotted the Theall nametag on another Sergeant at a nearby table. I went over and introduced myself and we talked a little about the Thealls. I don’t remember much in detail, but the following. First was they didn’t pronounce "Thee-all" with two syllables. They pronounced it with only one, "Thell," or "Thel." His family was from Louisiana and had come there from "up north somewhere" way back in the 1800s. Said his father, the family historian, would know. I told him of my mother’s roll in maintaining our families side and so we exchanged our parents addresses. I think they did correspond, but I never saw any record of it.
  I never saw Sgt. Theall again, but the fact that I might have met a cousin, many times removed, in such a place and time is certainly memorable. I had only considered it interesting, but as I think more on it, Louisiana might be a place to look for more Theall history."
Don Stafford
  At a web site, Westchester County Court Records T - Z, at:
are listed the following:
Theale, Abraham 1783 Common Pleas: Non Est Inventus A - 311 (49)L [6]
Thil, Abraham 1788 Common Pleas: Capias A - 311 (24)L [29]
Theall, Abraham 1800 Justice Court: Bastardy Proceedings A - 266 (1)L [20]
Theal, Abraham 1817 Common Pleas: Cognovit A - 311 (77)L [13]
Theall, Charles 1838 White Plains Common Pleas: Narrative A - 311 (57)L [22]
Theall, Charles 1839 Common Pleas: Petition A - 311 (72)L [15]
Theall, Charles 1840 Bedford Common Pleas: Judgment A - 311 (17)L [9]
Theall, Charles 1840 Common Pleas: Bonds A - 311 (81)L [2]
Thealt, Charles 1846 Common Pleas: Petition A - 311 (72)L [25]
Theall, Gilbert 1785 Bedford Common Pleas: Non Est Inventus A - 311 (78)L [4]
Theal, Gilbert 1785 Common Pleas: Cepi Corpus A - 311 (79)L [5]
Theal, Gilbert 1790 Common Pleas: Capias A - 311 (25)L [9]
Thial, Hackeliah 1818 Common Pleas: Report A - 311 (82)L [23]
Theall, Hackaliah 1818 Common Pleas: Petition A - 311 (71)L [13]
Theale, Hachaliah 1818 White Plains Common Pleas: Judgment A - 311 (11)L [6]
Theall, Huldah 1825 Common Pleas: Capias A - 311 (30)L [12]
Theall, Mary 1784 Common Pleas: Cepi Corpus A - 311 (79)L [1]
Theal, Sarah 1785 Common Pleas: Cepi Corpus A - 311 (79)L [10]
Theal, Sarah 1786 Bedford Common Pleas: Non Est Inventus A - 311 (78)L [8]
Theal, Sarah 1791 Justice Court: Bastardy Proceedings A - 266 (1)L [11]
Theall, Thomas Jr. 1821 Common Pleas: Insovent Debtor A - 311 (38)L [5]
Theall, Thomas 1846 White Plains Common Pleas: Judgment A - 311 (19)L [5]
Theall, Thomas 1846 Common Pleas: Judgment A - 311 (48)L [18]
Theall, William 1781 Common Pleas: Capias A - 311 (24)L [3]
Theall, William 1788 Justice Court: Bastardy Proceedings A - 266 (1)L [9]
suggesting that the Thealls came from Westchester Co., NY, and especially from Bedford or White Plains. The Dickinson’s, especially a Tertullus Dickinson (in 1792, 1799 and 1800) are also mentioned on an accompanying site, indicating that they also came from Westchester Co.
  The Theall’s (and variations) are likely descended from Nicholas Theale of Watertown and Stamford, Connecticut. James Savage, in, A Genealogical Dictionary of The First Settlers of New England, Before 1692, Volume 4, Thayer - Thomas, pp. 278-9, scanned and edited by Robert Kraft, Benjamin Dunning and Warren Wetmore, NOV2000, and appearing at:
THEALE, THELE, THEELE, or THALE, JOSEPH, Stamford, prob. s. of Nichoals of Watertown, freem. 1662, is by me presum. to be that man made freem. 1662, whose name in Conn. Col. Rec. I. 391, is giv. Threed; but he was of too much value to be thus obscur. rep. 1671, 3, 5, 6, and 7; aft. 1687; had good est. rem. to Bedford, just beyond the Col. bound. in jurisdict. of N. Y. and I regret that no genealog. details are attain.
NICHOLAS, Watertown 1638, by w. Eliz had Joseph, b. 24 Oct. 1640; and Elizabeth 5 June 1643; prob. in the autumn of 1645 rem. to Stamford, there d. 19 Aug. 1658. His will dispos. his prop to w. and the two ch. Elizabeth m. 27 Oct. 1659, William Ratcliffe. The wid. m. Thomas Ufford, and d. 27 Dec. 1660, soon aft, her sec. h.
  Something of the origins of Tertullus’ possible father, Charles Theall is at, Daniel Babbitt: 1749-1830, at a web site:
in which the Loyalist claim of Daniel Babbitt reproduces an indictment:
In Committee of the Convention of the State of New York appointed for enquiring into, detecting & defeating all Conspiracies which may be formed in the said State against the Liberties of America. Fishkill Oct. 20, 1776.
WHEREAS this Committee did on the 17th Inst. resolve that the following Persons, Inhabitants of South East and Frederick Precincts in the County of Dutchess, should forthwith be disarm'd apprehended and secured, to witt, Uriah Townsend, Ebenezer Rider, Charles Cullen, Barne Hatfield, Uriah Wright, Joseph Hitchcock, Eli Crosby, Dr. Daniel Bull, Charles Theal, and Gilbert Dickeson, Daniel Babbitt, Daniel Brundage, Jeremiah Birch, junior, Moses Fowler, David Nash, Samuel Jowner, William Merritt, Thomas Carl.
ORDERED that Col. Luddington do forthwith apprehend and bring before this Committee the above mentioned Persons, and that he secure the Papers of such whose Names are marked with an Asterisk in order that the same be examined by this Committee.
ORDERED that Capt. Clarke detach Lieut. Haight with a Party of 15 Men, to repair to Col. Luddington and to follow such orders as they may receive from him.
Signed by Order of the Committee, Wm. DUER Chairman.
The foregoing is a copy of order of arrest issued by Wm. Duer, Chairman of Committees on Conspiracies, of the "Provincial Congress of the State of New York" to Col. Henry Ludington.
(Original paper in possession of Charles H. Ludington, New York City.)
which suggests a Fishkill, Dutchess Co., NY connection.
  W. F. Ganong (in papers deposited in the New Brunswick Museum, Saint John, NB) gives Sarah's year of birth as 1771, and Tertullus' as 1767. He further identifies Tertullus as the son of Samuel G. and Millicent (Dixon) Theal (a variant spelling.) This may be the Samuel Theal whose will is in, Saint John County Probate Minute Books, Book E, p. 174, PANB F-1340, will probated 26JUL1832  Book C, p, 420. On the same microfilm is, I believe, the will of Joseph Flewelling of Saint John, Book C, p. 420, for which I have a note that Joseph had a lot in Carleton (Saint John) opposite that of Samuel Theal, Sr. It is likely that the will for Samuel Theal was that of Samuel, Jr., as it indicates he was survived by a wife, Maria, and lived on Manawagonish Road. Again, it could be the will of Samuel Theall, son of Tertullus and Sarah Ann, although this third Samuel is supposed to have died in 1825, and married Susan Olive.
  Where Millicent Dickinson/Dixon’s husband is given as Samuel, it is generally the Loyalist, Samuel Theall (-1832) who is mentioned. This would seem to be the one whose will was probated in 1832, with a wife, Maria. There seems to be some confusion. At Theall board, 7JAN2002, for example, Doug Miller wrote:
"From my records, Charles Theal b. ca. 1735 d. 1814 m. Millicent ?. They arrived from New York on the ship "Mercury" in 1783 and settled at Long Reach on the St. John River, and Westfield Parish, Kings Co., New Brunswick. One of their children, was Samuel Theal Jr. b. Sept. 25, 1765 in New York d. July 4, 1832 at Carleton (West St. John) New Brunswick m. Martha Maria Young b. Dec. 28, 1782 in New York d. May 14, 1871."
showing how such a confusion might arise. The use of ‘Sr.’ and ‘Jr.’ is often assumed to refer to a father-son relationship; but, at the time, might also refer to uncle-nephew, or even, at times, to two persons with the same name, but not necessarily related. Thus, the Samuel, Sr. sometimes felt to be Tertullus’ father may have been an uncle. For example, Doug Miller was responding to a posting on the same board by Gerard Johnson (13OCT1999):
"Samuel THEAL 1765-1832 m. Millicent DICKINSON to N.B. on the Mercury in 1783"
  Doug Miller (Thiel GenForum # 442, 28DEC2001, also provided an outline of this family which gave a valuable basis for research.
  Ganong gives one son of Tertullus and Sarah Ann (Flewelling) Theall as Samuel, and another son, Thomas F., is identified from Saint John County probate records. A friend of F. Morris Flewwelling suggests another child, Sarah E., b. ca. 1791. A grandson might be Charles Theale, who, with his wife, Sophonia, had a son, Edwin Flewelling Theale, baptized in Kingston, Kings Co., NB 25AUG1864. Charles, in 1864, lived in Indian Town near the City of Saint John, NB.
  Ganong’s spelling of Millicent (Dickinson) Theall’s maiden name may be the result of oral transmission. In a work, Loyalists All, (New Brunswick Branch, UELA, Saint John, NB, 1985, Gail Bonsall Pipes, editor), on pp. 165-170, is a section on John Bentley and his family by Elma Gregory (Belyea) Johnson. In this, a line-of-descent begins with Samuel and Millicent (Dickinson) Theall, through their daughter, Chloe Theall. From this, I infer that Millicent was connected with Tertullus Dickinson.
  Suzanne P. Lisson (Flewelling GenForum # 378, 1NOV2001) gives:
"The following are stones found side by side in the Old Cedar Hill Cemetery in West Saint John, NB, Canada:

Charles THEALL
died Oct. 1861
son of
Tertullus and Sarah A.

Sacred to the Memory of
Sarah/ wife of the late
Tertullus THEALL
who departed this life
13th Mar 1860
aged 89 years

Sacred to the Memory of
Tertullus THEALL
who departed this life
29th Sep 1840
aged 73 years
Deeply and sincerely lamented by his numerous relatives and acquaintances

(newspaper said he came with Loyalists and lived all his life in Carleton)

Sacred to the Memory of
s/o T & S THEALL
who departed this life
15th Jan 1825
aged 31 years
Most sincerely and deeply regreted by his family and friends

Sacred to the Memory of
wife of
Barnabus TILTON
and d/o T & S THEALL
who departed this life
7 Nov 1824 / aged 21 years
Most sincerely and deeply regreted by her family and friends

Sacred to the Memory of
wife of
and 3rd d/o Tertullus & Sarah THEALL
who departed this life
on the 12th of Oct 1839
aged 33 years
Sincerely lamented"
  In a web site called, Land Record Abstracts: M to R: Abstracts of old Series I, Sunbury County Petitions 1765-1823, transcribed by Cleadie B. Barnett, C.G.(C), at:
is mentioned:
1787 Walter McCalpine, John Wheeler, John Davis, Timothy Parke, Peter McAlpine, Samuel Theall, Tertullus Theall, Isaac Parker, Widow Mary Morse, Widow Mary Campbell and Gilbert Fowler ask for leave to choose land on Swan Creek.
  Tertullus appears to have made several petitions for land: in Queens, Kings and Sunbury Counties in 1785; in Queens Co. in 1786; and in Saint John County in 1819. The 1819 petition was in company with Samuel Theall and others. The Sunbury Co. petition was also with Samuel Theall and others. The Kings Co. petition was with Samuel and Charles Theall, and many others; while the 1785 Queens Co. petition was with Samuel and many others. The other surnames are often recognizable as Loyalist, from Westchester Co., NY, and often connected with the Flewelling family.
  Another clue to the origins of the Thealls is in a book, Genealogy of the FOWLERS in England and America: The line to Deacon John Fowler of Guilford, by Wharton Dickinson, 1904, reprinted by the Higginson Book Company, July, 1997, pp. 6-32; at a web site:
and for sale at:
In this book is mentioned the family of Samuel Fowler of Newburgh, NY whose daughter married Thomas Flewelling’s brother, Abel Flewwelling. A brother of Samuel is said to be:
ISAAC FOWLER, SR., was b. in Rye in 1722; m. in Rye in 1745, Margaret or Anne, daughter of Charles and Sarah (Purdy) Theall of Rye; granddaughter of Ebenezer and Anne (Brown) Theal of Rye; great granddaughter of Capt. Joseph and Hannah (Kniffen) Theall of Stamford, Conn.; great-great granddaughter of Nicholas Theall of Watertown, 1638, Stamford 1645, d. 19 Aug., 1658. In 1747 Mr. Fowler accompanied his father and brother Samuel to New Burgh, Orange County, where he located. Feb. 14, 1767, Henry Smith the Elder, Samuel Fowler and Isaac Fowler of New Burgh, petitioned for a grant of 5,600 acres of land originally patented to Francis Hanson, July 10, 1713, who had bought out the interest of Capt. John Evans; warrant of survey issued April 3, 1767, returned Nov. 2, 1767, confirmed April 6, 1768. Mr. Fowler was commissioned Lieut. in the 4th Orange County Militia, 1775, Col. John Hawthorn, and served about three years (N. Y. in the Rev., p. 161). Lieut. Fowler had 5 sons (Family Bible of Peter V. B. Fowler.)
Presumably the Theall family mentioned is the same.
  Doug Miller (Thiel Genforum, 28DEC2001) was very helpful in defining some order-of-births, and providing additional dates, and confirming some of the assumed relationships below. Included in his notes were the comments:
"Charles Theal and his family went with refugee Loyalists in British transport on board the ship Mercury, arriving in the late fall of 1783 at the mouth of the Saint John River in what was then called Nova Scotia, and in 1784 became known as New Brunswick, in British North America. Tertullus Theal was one of his sons. He married Sarah Ann Flewelling."
Note that Miller identifies Tertullus’ father as Charles, rather than Ganong’s Samuel G. Theall. I suspect Doug Miller is right, and there may have been some confusion with Tertullus’ brother, also Samuel.
  Doug Miller also offers a somewhat more expanded outline of the early Theall family in New Brunswick on the Theall GenForum message board (#7, 28DEC2001.) In this he describes Charles Theal as b. ca. 1735 in Rye, Westchester Co., NY and d. 1814 in Kings Co., NB. Millicent Dickinson was also from Rye.
  A sister of Tertullus Theall, Mary Theall b. NY 22AUG1773, d. 15SEP1832, m. Westfield Parish 1DEC1803 Charles Hamm (b. Germany 7MAY1779, d. Carleton Co., NB 29JUN1811.) Their son was: Andrew Hamm b. Carleton. Saint John, Saint John Co., NB ca. 1804, d. Saint John 23JUN1883, m. Saint John 21JUN1831 Catherine Anne Brittain (b. ca. 1810.) This relationship is of some interest as members of the Hamm family married members of the family of Abel Flewwelling, Sarah’s uncle, and the Brittains are connected with Sarah’s brother, Caleb Flewelling. These relationships require further analysis. The Hamm family would stem from Charles Hamm’s probable parents, the headstone for which Gordon K. Miller transcribes from Allen Gorham at:
as being in Hardings Point Loyalist Cemetery, and as reading:
Andrew Hamm
United Empire
b Germany
March 1755
d Westfield
July 8, 1816
Foot-stone: Unreadable Allen Gorham suggests the original stone was taken for restoration and never returned.

the Memory of
Barbora Hamm died
Jan 24th, 1824 Aged 68 Yrs.
wife of the late
Andrew Hamm
Foot-stone: B. H.
In a query at one of Ruby Cusack’s on-line pages, Sylvia A. Hamm confirms Andrew Hamm as Charles’ father, writing:
"Charles Hamm was born in 1799, the first son of Andrew Hamm, United Empire Loyalist of Westfield. (The Family Bible says born in Germany) and died in 1811 in Carleton. His wife was Mary Theale, the daughter of a Loyalist, Charles Theale. They had five children and they married into the Colwell and Brittain families. I am seeking information on the burial place of Charles and Mary (Theale) Hamm."
  Tertullus Theall probably knew Joseph Flewelling of Saint John, as in two companion articles, Royal Artillery of Saint John: 4th May 1793, and, The St. John County Militia: 1809-1811, by Daniel F. Johnson, "Generations", issue 19, MAR1984, the New Brunswick Genealogical Society, Fredericton, NB, pp. 38-48, "Tartelus" Theal was a private in the artillery unit of that militia, enlisted 1809. Many of the enlistment dates were 1809, suggesting a preparation due to growing hostilities with the United States of America, as well as a reflection of the Napoleonic Wars. In a company of the same militia, captained by Samuel Theall, was Isaac Flewelling [9J7], Joseph’s son; while Joseph was in another company.
  While it appears that the Theall’s arrived in New Brunswick by transport, there is an anecdote recalled by Charlotte Theall Stafford about her Loyalist ancestors. She speaks of her father, Bayard Theall who:
". . . remembered a few [stories] which he heard his grandfather and uncles tell of the war between England and the States. He could not tell us whether it was his grandfather or great— grandfather who had escaped to Canada, wishing to remain loyal to the mother country at the time of the revolution. At any rate his ancestors were numbered among the "Loyalists" and were among those lucky to escape alive. They had swam the St. Croix River, between Maine and New Brunswick, some of the group having been shot in the water, others captured and taken back and cruelly murdered on the shore in full view of their friends and relatives who had made their way to safety."
This story may not apply to the Theall’s specifically, but does recall the kind of treatment Loyalists might expect of their Patriot neighbours and relatives, the lack of consideration the Patriots gave to the Treaty of Paris, and the absolute necessity of anyone who was the least bit suspected of ‘non-Patriot’ leanings to escape such bitter persecution.
  Three children of ‘Tertulus and Sarah Thele’ were baptized by the Rev. Robert Norris, Anglican missionary, in St. George’s Chapel, Oak Point, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB on 25JUL1802. These were: Elizabeth, Thomas Flewelling and Charles ‘Thele’.
  It is possible that Tertullus and Sarah Ann (Flewelling) Theall had more children than are listed below. For example, considering how often the name, Tertullus, is used, it seems remarkable that they did not have a son of that name. in fact, the IGI suggests there was such a son, Tertullus D. Theall b. ca. 1808. I am tempted to suggest that his full name was Tertullus Dickinson Theall. However, the birth-date may be a bit off.
  In Hardings Point Loyalist Cemetery, Westfield Parish, Kings Co., NB, on the Kingston Peninsula, is a grave number 78:
THEALL, Margaret
Died: Sep 15 1879
Aged: 53 Years
Relationship: w/o Turtellus
Notes: God is Love
In memory of
We loved her
Margaret’s headstone is also reported at one of Gordon K. Miller’s sites on cemeteries on the Kingston Peninsula, as well as one for a Charles E. Theall, at:
Hardings Point Loyalist Cemetery, by G. K. Miller

Charles E. Theall /1876-1936 /THEALL /
Foot-stone: Charles E. Theall 1876 - 1936

God is Love /In memory of /Margaret /wife of /Turtellus Theall, /died /Sept. 15, 1879 /Aged 53 yrs /We loved her.
Adjacent to stone is a shaped field stone, no inscription.
It would appear that Tertullus married soon after Margaret’s death as in 1881, in Kingston Parish, Kings Co., NB, was Tertullus Theall age 65, Scottish, b. NB, a seaman and Free Will Baptist. His wife at the time was Deborah, age 39, Scottish, b. NB and also Free Will Baptist. A daughter was Jane Theall, age 9. With them was Martha Parker, age 29, Scottish, b. NB and Church of England. Possibly Martha was Deborah’s sister. Deborah is also bur. at Hardings Point Loyalist Cem.:
THEALL, Deborah J
Died: Feb 26 1908
Aged: 71 Years
Relationship: Wife Of T D Thaell
This gives us:
Tertullus D. Theall b. NB ca. 1816, m. 1st Margaret _____ (b. ca. 1826, d. 15SEP1879 age 53 years, bur. Hardings Point Loyalist Cemetery, Westfield Parish, Kings Co., NB); m. 2nd Deborah J. _____ (b. ca. 1837-42, d. 26FEB1908 age 71 years, bur. Hardings Point Loyalist Cemetery, Westfield Parish, Kings Co., NB.)
  Deborah is found in the 1901 census of Kingston Parish, Kings Co., NB where her birth-date is given as 6JAN1836. She is the mother-in-law of Thomas Edwards (20AUG1860) whose wife is Jane (11AUG1872), presumably Deborah’s step-daughter. Thomas and Jane Edwards have children: Seward (22JAN1890), Parker (1JUN1894) and Saguna (daughter, 9DEC1897.) Jane is identified at the PANB web site as Jane (‘Janie’) Elizabeth Theall, and her husband as Thomas Arthur Edwards and they were m. 5SEP1888. From the same source, it appears that ‘Tartillus’ Theall d. Kings Co., NB 17NOV1893 age 76 years. The marriage bond section gives his second wife as Deborah Parker, and their marriage as in 1871. They were both of Saint John at the time. This raise questions as to Tertullus’ first marriage (Margaret d. 1879 according to two readings of her headstone); but the location, and the fact that her husband was a Tertullus Theall, still recommends her as a first wife. At least, it now seems that Jane was Deborah’s daughter rather than step-daughter.
  Deborah is likely the d/o Samuel and Jane Parker in Kingston Parish in 1851 with a daughter, Deborah, b. ca. 1836. The IGI indicates that they had a daughter, Debby Jane bpt. Kingston Parish 31JAN1836.
  In the marriage records of the Anglican Church in Westfield and Greenwich Parishes, especially at:
is the marriage:
Flaglor / Margaret / Greenwich / Spinster / 1844 Jun 06 / # 190 / ... Theal / Tortullus D. / Westfield / Bachelor / m. at Greenwich
The most likely father for Margaret was Simon Flaglor (b. ‘States’ ca. 1783, came to NB OCT1783), a widower in the 1851 census of Greenwich Parish. Simon’s wife may have been Elizabeth, as buried with Simon’s parents (also Simon and Elizabeth (Lester) Flaglor), in the Oak Point Anglican Cemetery, Greenwich Parish, is Elizabeth Flaglor b. ca. 1775, d. 30MAY1842 aet. 67 years.
  So far, this gives us:
Tertullus D. Theall b. NB ca. 1816, d. Kings Co., NB 17NOV1893 age 76 years, m. 1st Anglican church (probably St. Paul’s, in Oak Point), Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB 6JUN1844 Margaret Flaglor (b. ca. 1826, d. 15SEP1879 age 53 years, bur. Hardings Point Loyalist Cemetery, Westfield Parish, Kings Co., NB); m. 2nd 1871 Deborah J. Parker (b. Kingston Parish, Kings Co., NB 6JAN1836, bpt. 31JAN1836, d. 26FEB1908 age 71 years, bur. Hardings Point Loyalist Cemetery, Westfield Parish, Kings Co., NB), d/o Samuel and Jane (Henry) Parker.
  Another in Westfield Parish in 1881 is Alonzo ‘Theal’ age 49, German, b. NB, farmer and Wesleyan Methodist. His wife is ‘Marey’, age 38, b. NB. Their children are: ‘Harrey’ (6), Charles (6) and Phillip (2.) Also with them is Catherine Parrent, age 60, Irish, b. NB, Baptist; possibly Mary’s mother. Charles (b. ca. 1875, is presumably the Charles E. (b. 1876, d. 1936), above. The IGI identifies Mary as Mary Elizabeth Parent (b. Westfield Parish, Kings Co., NB 1851, d. Prince William Parish, York Co., NB 1886.) It also give Alonzo as the s/o James and Elizabeth Louis (Young) Theall. James is given as the s/o Charles and Millicent (Dickinson) Theall; so they appear to be cousins of this Theall family. The PANB web site gives him as Alonzo Wellesley Theall of Carter’s Point. Charles is Charles Edwin Theall d. Saint John Co., NB 31OCT1936.
  Thus, some children are:
42J1. SAMUEL THEALL b. 1793 (or 1796), d. Saint John, Saint John Co., NB 15JAN1827 aet. 31 years, bur. Old Cedar Hill Cem., West Saint John, Saint John Co., NB, m. Saint John, Saint John Co., NB 24DEC1818 SUSAN (SUSANNA) OLIVE (b. JAN1798, d. 3APR1872), d/o Capt. William and Catharine (Smith) Olive
42J2. ELIZABETH ANN ("BETSEY") THEALL b. 23DEC1797, bpt. St. George's Chapel, Oak Point, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB by the Rev. Robert Norris 25JUL1802 and bpt. St. George’s Anglican Church, West Saint John (Carleton), Saint John Co., NB 31JUL1829, d. 2FEB1885, m. 1818 JAMES KETCHUM (b. Carleton Twp., Saint John Co., NB 27FEB1793, d. Carleton Twp., Saint John Co., NB 2SEP1864), s/o John and Salome (Munger) Ketchum. (Mary Cowan, e-mail, 1MAR2004.)
42J3. CHARLES THEALL b. 1799, bpt. St. George's Chapel, Oak Point, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB by the Rev. Robert Norris 25JUL1802, d. Saint John, Saint John Co., NB OCT1861, bur. Old Cedar Hill Cem., West Saint John, Saint John Co., NB. A will is noted in, Saint John Probate Minute Books, Vol. I (‘i’, not ‘1’), p. 434, PANB reel F-1342, for Charles Theall made 28SEP1861, probated 22OCT1861; which mentions wife, Margaret, and indicates they had children.
42J4. THOMAS FLEWELLING THEALL b. 4JUL1800, bpt. St. George's Chapel, Oak Point, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB by the Rev. Robert Norris 25JUL1802, d. 25AUG1882, m. (probably Trinity Anglican Church), Saint John, Saint John Co., NB 3NOV1825 ELIZABETH COLEVILLE (or COLWELL) (b. 19DEC1805, d. 20MAY1884), d/o John and Mary (Hutchinson) Colwell
42J5. MILLICENT MARIA THEALL b. ca. 1803, d. Saint John, Saint John Co., NB 17NOV1824 aet. 21 years, bur. Old Cedar Hill Cem., West Saint John, Saint John Co., NB, m. BARNABUS TILTON
42J6. SARAH E. THEALL (3rd daughter) b. ca. 1806, d. Saint John, Saint John Co., NB 12OCT1839 aet. 33 years, bur. Old Cedar Hill Cem., West Saint John, Saint John Co., NB, m. 3JAN1828 IRA MOSHER
42J7. MARY ANN THEALL b. 1809, d. MAY1882, m. JOHN VAUGHN. A note, referring to Hugh Quinton, at:
part of a, Bissett Cook Family, web site, reads:
"Died - Thrown from a wagon on his return from Carleton. He lingered a few days in great suffering from an injury to the spine and died on Nov.23, 1830 at the age of 20. He was engaged to Miss Mary Ann Theall, daughter of Tartules Theall of Carleton. She later married John Vaughan of Charleton."
"Charleton" probably should be Carleton.