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42N. Thomas Flewelling (2nd)
  Thomas Flewelling, Jr. b. 5MAY1779 (although no source has been given to justify that date, it is clear that Thomas was born ca. 1778; and others give 6MAY1778), d. 14OCT1860. Like his brothers, Adam and Caleb, Thomas lived in the Oak Point area until his death.
  Thomas was married three times. His first wife, Hannah Flewelling [4311] (b. 6SEP1789 (or 1787), d. 11DEC1820, aet. 33 years), whom he married 7NOV1808 (or MAR1808?), and who is believed, with good reason, to be the daughter of James and Elizabeth (Jewell) Flewelling; James being a son of John Flewelling, Jr., brother to Thomas of Oak Point, and of Deborah (Denton) Flewelling.
  (Note: in the personal numbering system used here, the children of Thomas and Hannah have two numbers, one for each line-of-descent. For example, their first child, Elizabeth Anne Flewelling, has the number [42N1] as the first child of her father, but also [43111] from her mother; and she is her own second cousin, once removed. Thomas, as Hannah’s first spouse, also has the number [4311A], and Hannah, as Thomas’ first spouse, is [42NA]. Thus, in the following, 42N = 4311, to transfer the numbering system to the family of Hannah’s grandfather, John Flewelling, Jr.)
  Thomas, Jr.'s second wife, whom he married 7NOV1822, was Jane Belyea (b. 30NOV1791, d. 9JAN1840), daughter of Abraham and Catherine (Tabilet) Belyea.
  His third marriage, on 18MAR841, was to Elizabeth Simmons Peters (17MAR1799, bpt. (of Hampstead Parish, Queens Co., NB) Gagetown Anglican Church 3AUG1800, d. 9FEB1847), d/o Marcus and Frances (Golding) Peters. Frances ("Fanny") Golding was the d/o John and Anna (Merritt) Golding; John Golding was the son of Thomas and Mary (Coles) Golding; Thomas Golding was the brother of Ephraim Golding, Jr. who m. Catern Flewelling [3] and the father of Joseph Golding who married Phoebe Flewelling, the daughter of Robert [9] and Maplet Flewelling.
  Elizabeth was the sister of Richard Yeamans Peters (see [42LJ]. Thomas, Jr. and his three wives are buried together at the Anglican Cem. in Oak Point, NB.
  His children are known through church and census records, and through his will. They are:
42N1. ELIZABETH ANNE FLEWELLING b. 30JAN1809, bpt. Gagetown Anglican Church (St. Peter’s), Gagetown, Sunbury Co., NB (by the Rev. Richard Clark) 23JUN1809 (d/o Thomas and Hannah Flewelling of Greenwich Parish), probably m. 5MAR1835 STEPHEN BELYEA (b. 1804, bpt. Gagetown, Queens Co., NB 25AUG1805, d. MacDonald’s Point, Queens Co., NB 9APR1875), s/o James Albert and Jemima (Purdy) Belyea
42N2. JOSEPH GRIFFIN FLEWELLING b. 24MAY1810, d. 17NOV1895 aet. 84 years, bur. Oak Point Anglican Cem., Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., m. 12FEB1840 HARRIET ELIZABETH LYON (b. 1DEC1820 (or ca. 1815), d. 28AUG1891 aet. 74 years, bur. Oak Point Anglican Cem., Greenwich Parish, Kings Co.), most likely a d/o Joseph A. and Rachel Lyon (or d/o George and Sarah (Benedict) Lyon?) Joseph was the enumerator of the 1861 census of Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB. He was sworn in 16SEP1861, and apparently completed the work by 21SEP1861.
42N3. MARY FLEWELLING b. 24FEB1812 (Kriko‘s Korner, has 24OCT1812, but this date was after her baptism), bpt. Oak Point 11OCT1812, d/o Thomas and Hannah Flewelling (The Registry of Baptisms, Marriages & Burials in the Parish of Greenwich, Kings County, New Brunswick, compiled by the Rev. H. A. Cody.), m. 23NOV1842 WILLIAM WELDON (b. ca. 1806), s/o James and Jane (Kimball) Weldon
42N4. TITUS BROWN FLEWELLING bpt. Oak Point, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB 20JUN1813 (s/o Thomas and Hannah Flewelling)
42N5. MORRIS EDWARD FLEWELLING b. 16MAR1814, m. 7(or 24?)NOV1841 JANE MARY (or MARIA) WELDON (b. ca. 1821), d/o James and Jane (Kimball) Weldon
42N6. SARAH CAROLINE FLEWELLING b. 16APR1816, bpt. Oak Point OCT1815, m 15(or 24)AUG1843(or 1842) GEORGE STREET (sometimes given as "SWEET") BELYEA (b. ca. 1802, bpt. Anglican Church, Westfield Parish, Kings Co., NB 22MAY1803, d. Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB 1859), s/o of Abraham and Catherine (Tabilet) Belyea; m. 1st Mary Ann Weldon
42N7. MARGARET ANN FLEWELLING b. 13APR1818, d. 26OCT1879 aet. 60 years, bur. Oak Point Anglican Cem., Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB, m. 4 JUL1846 JOSEPH BULYEA (b. 1815, bpt. Oak Point OCT1815, d. 28AUG1879 aet. 63 years, bur. Oak Point Anglican Cem., Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB), s/o William and Phoebe (Tucker) Bulyea. On the same headstone is the inscription for REGINALD A. BELYEA b. 1887, d. 1938.
42N8. REBECCAH or REBECHIAH FLEWELLING b. ca. 1818, bpt. Oak Point 21JUL1818
42N9. JOHN FLEWELLING b. 2JUN1820, d. 1862, m. 2JUN1846 ANN SECORD DIBBLEE (b. 23APR1812, d. 13MAY1894), d/o Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Secord) Dibblee
42NJ. GEORGE THOMAS FLEWELLING b. 31MAY1826, bpt. Oak Point 29OCT1826, d. 20OCT1875 aet. 50, bur. Brown’s Flat Baptist Church Cem., Westfield Parish, Kings Co., NB, m. 11SEP1854 MARY OWENS McKEIL (b. ca. 1829-30; 18JUN1829 in 1901 when she was living with her son, Edmund as ’Mary E. Flewelling’), d/o Joseph and Ann Margaret (Lounder) McKeil
42NK. JAMES LEVERETT FLEWELLING b. 6APR1828, bpt. Oak Point 6JUL1828, d 20APR1874, bur. Oak Point Anglican Cem., Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., m. Saint John, Saint John Co., NB 7MAY1862 MARY MATILDA JOHNSON (b. 10MAY1833, d. 1917. bur. Oak Point Anglican Cem., Greenwich Parish, Kings Co.), d/o Daniel and Deborah (Belyea) Johnson
42NL. HANNAH SUSANNAH FLEWELLING b. 30OCT1830, bpt. Oak Point 22FEB1832, d. JUL1910, bur. Oak Point Anglican Cem., Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB, m. 20FEB1856 JOSEPH WESLEY JOHNSON (b. 29NOV1831, d. SEP1910, bur. Oak Point Anglican Cem., Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB), s/o of Daniel and Deborah (Belyea) Johnson